Small Business Saturday

Marriage licenses

Philip MacLaren, 31, graphic designer, and Kristin Trace, 28, health policy manager, both of Lyneham, Act, Australia.
Eric Kozina, 34, wastewater operator, and Erin Michelson, 29, student, both of Millbury.
Walter Gabbard, 26, director of video production, and Kayla Horton, 23, stay-at-home mom, both of Port Clinton.
Jason Greening, 37, chef, and Sasha Bradshaw, 34, management, both of Port Clinton.
Kenneth Sander, 31, bank manager, and Megan Damschroder, 26, teacher, both of Genoa.
Marcus Everly, 24, laborer, and Lindsay Cicanese, 24, dispatcher, both of Port Clinton.
Randy Wright, 38, factory worker, of Sandusky, and Jena Bahnsen, 29, home health care provider, of Oak Harbor.
John Wilkins, 48, firefighter, EMT, bus driver, and Jennifer Jeffries, 48, cashier, both of Curtice.
Dane Jesse, 29, construction, and Kayla Althaus, 26, student, both of Port Clinton.
Anthony Shack, 68, retired, and Roxanne Schultze, 62, restaurant manager, both of Oak Harbor.

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Small Business Saturday

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