— Week ending Dec. 30

Benton Township
• 12-28-11 Kaiser Living Trust to Kevin M. and Kathy S. Fox, West Kolb Road 1.136 acres, $10,000.
Carroll Township
• 12-28-11 Marjorie J. Lacy to Jeffrey H. Gyde and Patricia A. Marks, Duff Washa, 20 acres, $60,000.

Clay Township
• 12-29-11 Timothy C. and Heather L. Petersen to Troy D. Shiffert, 23719 W. Meadow Drive, $92,000.

Genoa Corp.
• 12-29-11 HSBC Bank to Benjamin T. and Haley R. Gittus, 3997 Wallingford Court, $143,000.

Catawba Township

• 12-29-11 Veronica A. Milnark to The Thur Family Revocable Living Trust, vacant land 5310 Blue Teal Road, $115,000.

Danbury Township
• 12-30-11 William M. Tuttamore to Justin D. and Molly K. Tuttamore, 7256 Tanglewood Drive, $109,000.

Marblehead Corp
• 12-29-11 Mathew R. and Nichole L. James to John Fontana Jr. and Linda A. Fontana, 410 James Street, $87,656.89.

Erie Township
• 12-30-11 J & K Real Properties LLC to Port Clinton Canvas LLC, split 1580 W. Lakeshore Drive, $35,000.

Elmore Corp.

• 12-28-11 Kathryn Arndt to Diane M. Schimming, 347 E. Fifth St., $65,000.

Portage Township
• 12-30-11 Teresa Lindsey to Keith Conte and Erica Walter, 1850 S. Douglas Ave., $230,000.

Port Clinton City

• 12-27-11 Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to ELH, LLC, 614 E. Third St., $14,000.
• 12-27-11 Richard W. and Julie L. Riedmaier to Harold L. and Janet R. Skinner, 610 Laurel Ave., $121,000.
• 12-30-11 Keith Conte to Patricia Bowen, 653 Jackson Drive, $87,900.

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