Real estate transfers

Allen Township
    1-31-13 Fred L. Young Jr. to Federal National Mortgage Association, 6950 Wildacre Road, $98,533.

Benton Township
    1-29-13 Jeffrey A. and Rebecca E. Dombrowsky to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 16358 West True Road, $83,334.
    1-31-13 Daniel R. and Barbara L. Lowe to Fannie Mae, 1571 West State Route 2, $60,000.
    1-31-13 Deborah Sue Smith to Brigita Domir, Vacant land Walbridge East Road, $5,000.
Carroll Township
    1-28-13 Richard L. and Susan E. Duncan to James Steinmiller, 6495 Teal Bend, $45,000.
    1-30-13 Blaine Skinner to Henry Gerschutz, 6591 Pasadena Drive, $56,000.
    2-1-13 Robert McKnisky to William Chada, 1050 East Sister, ½ int $4,500.
Clay Township
    1-31-13 Mark D. and Jackie L. Everett to The Bank of New York, 20987 State Route 163, $58,000.
    2-1-13 Turtle Creek Development to Chad T. Gargas et al, 29.70 acres, $180,000.
Catawba Township
    1-28-13 Nicholas S. Conte to Robert M. and Catherine E. Rodiguez, 1799 North Windward Drive, $135,000.
    1-30-13 Catawba-Cleveland Development Corp to CIC Development LLC, 2850 Sanctuary Drive, $42,000.
    2-1-13 Mary Jo Patterson to James L. and Diane O. Scott, 3119 North Beach Towne Court, $340,000.
Danbury Township
    1-28-13 James Chamberlin to James Chamberlin Jr. and Tonya Chamberlin, 2175 South Bristol Drive, $420,000.
    1-30-13 Joseph J. Boehm et al to David V. and Vickie L. Kuntz, 7479 East Harbor Road, $139,500.
    1-31-13 Grant H. Leeper to Scott A. and Penny J. Greehalgh, 168 Leddy Lane, $239,999.
    2-1-13 Daniel J. and Sherri A. Squires to Michael G. and Jean M. Blake, 2855 South Amherst Road, $43,000.
    2-1-13 Delia Moya to Scott Glovinsky and Cortnie McRitchie, 5580 Port Clinton Eastern Road, $107,000.
Erie Township
    1-29-13 Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to EH Pooled Investments, 5560 West Erie Street, $18,250.
    2-1-13 Kenjohny Company LLC to Jerry P. Schuett, Unit B 112 The Port Clinton Storage Condominium, $35,000.
Marblehead Corp
    1-28-13 Philip and F. Marie Berry to Federal National Mortgage Association, 216 North Strause Lane, $40,000.
Portage Township
    1-30-13 Emmett and Rosemary Hankerd to Stephen and Patricia Doty, 2285 Sand Road, new split $223,380.
    1-31-13 Ken Brown Rental Property Inc to Matthew L. Wamsley, 1226 East Emerald Avenue, $12,000.
Port Clinton City
    1-28-13 Kirk Brandstrup et al to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 537 West 3rd Street, $20,000.
    1-28-13 Leigh Ann Smith and Shannon G. Smith et al to JPMorgan Chase Bank, 323 Harrison Street, $38,000.
    1-29-13 Adrienne Meyer to Brad and Rachel Chaffin, 1150 Lee Avenue, $149,500.
    1-30-13 CIC Development LLC to The Sanctuary Homes Development LLC, 2850 N Sanctuary Drive, $250,000.
Rocky Ridge Corp
    1-28-13 Patrick E. Middleton to US Bank, 14581 West Second Street, $50,000.


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