Real Estate Transfers for March 14

Bay Township

3-5-13 Douglas E. and Ruth A. Cellar to Karl J. and Elizabeth Kuenzer, 4569 West Oak Harbor SE, $42,000.

3-6-13 Roland W. Miller et al to David A. and Linda A. Truett, 4299 West Oak Harbor Southeast Road, $48,000. 

3-8-13 Damon Development to Michael D. and Amy B. Volz, 3220 West Canal Road, $140,000.

Benton Township

3-5-13 Myong and Chong Choe to Heather Gottron, 13516 West Kolb Road, $166,500.

3-6-13 Keith D. and Donna M. Henninger to Scott Welsh and Chrisline Richey, 14584 West State Route 2, $219,500.

3-8-13 Mark Starkey to Jacob and Emily Zbierajewski, 14245 West State Route 163, $80,000.

Carroll Township

3-4-12 Angela R. Phillips et al to RPF Limited Partnership, 9683 West Hollywood, $60,000.

Catawba Township

3-8-13 Kimberly Shoemaker to Michael and Jessica Spencer, 4414 East Island Pines, $273,000.

Clay Township

3-8-13 Sharon A. Bittner et al to Charles Ehrsam, 80 acres Opfer-Lentz Road, $280,000.

Danbury Township

3-8-13 Laura Landry Meyer to Jeffrey and Diane Beach, 136 East Second Street, $406500.

Harris Township

3-7-13 U.S.Bank to Donald P. Woyanne, 2365 Slemmer-Portage Road, $26,900.

Oak Harbor Corp

3-6-13 Judd and Shannon Lickert to Mark and Sarah Messa, vacant land Red Hawk Run, $6,000.

Port Clinton City

3-4-13 Ivaylo and Rachel Klimentov to Gabe Below, 712 East Fifth Street, $88,580.

3-4-13 Federal Mortgage Association to Kaja Holdings LLC, 708 Bataan Lane, $12,350.

3-5-13 Golden Web Inc. to Robert G. and Sharon L. Gerken, 711 West Lakeshore Drive, $140,000.

3-7-13 Evelyn Garberson to Lawrence Hartlaub, 815 Columbia Avenue, $82,200.

Salem Township

3-8-13 Deborah K. O’Neal to Roy A. Parman, 10180 West Cullman Road, $159,000.

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