Real Estate Transfers for March 28

Allen Twp

3-21-13 The Bank Of New York Mellon to Shawn M. Allarding, 19530 West State Route 579, $69,500.
Carroll Twp
3-22-13 Bradley Seitz to Daniel and Karen Spears, 8904 Canada Goose, $60,000.
3-22-13 Jeffrey and Kimberly Zetzer to Samuel and Herlinda Mills, vacant land West Bonnie Jean Drive, $35,000.

Catawba Twp

3-18-13 Tom Harpster and Keely Glaze Harpster to Jacob R. Meisler, 44440 East Island Pine Drive, $249,900.
3-20-13 Duane E. and Jeanette R. Frankart to Yvonne J. Parrot, 5469 Foxhaven , $153,000.
3-21-13 John T. and Vicky S. Glaze to David E. and Betty J. Hissong, 3063 North Hatteras, $29,520.
3-21-13 David E. and Betty J. Hissong to John T. and Vicky S. Glaze, 3047 North Hatteras Drive, $29,520.
3-21-13 John T. and Vicky S. Glaze to Thomas and Keely Harpter, 3047 North Hatteras Drive, $30,000.
3-22-13 ALZO LLC to SOM Center Plaza LTD, 2836 Nor Easter Drive, $644,900.

Clay Twp

3-19-13 Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Joseph P. Badger, 23068 West Edgefield Drive, $16,830.
3-22-13 Dolores Currier to Michael Kosciuczyk, 23265 State Route 163, $17,500.

Danbury Twp

3-18-13 Jeffrey R. and Christine A. Lampert to Paul McLaughlin and Linn Steward, 1770 Merrimac, $86,400.
3-18-13 Barbara DiGioia to Joseph D. and Katherine M. Killen, 2085 Walleye Drive, $360,000.
3-19-13 Gordon and Goranka Bak to Joseph Virzi, 2086 Corchester Drive, $420,000.
3-20-13 Louisville Title Agency to Ronald C. and Susan A. Gedrich, 2461 South Harbor Bay Drive, $89,000.
3-21-13 C. John and Peggy J. Kronberg to Timothy and Jennifer L. Heffernan, 471 North Rockport Drive, $268,000.
3-22-13 Waite Bros LTD to Ronald J. Suchecki Sr. and Terri R. Suchecki, 630 Central Avenue, $250,000.

Elmore Corp

3-22-13 Charles A. and Rebecca J. Morgan to Federal Mortgage Association, 656 Rice Street, $86,667.

Erie Twp

3-21-13 Lacy L. Hager to Lacy L. Hager and Matthew B. Schimming, 1345 North Tettau Road, $135,680.

Genoa Corp

3-18-13 Shirley D. Lee to William Hamiester, 406 Superior Street, $59,500.
3-20-13 David L. and Leslie A. Clark to The Bank of New York, 4000 Windsor Court, $100,000.
3-21-13 Ronald E. Keaton II and Jennifer J. Keaton to US Bank National Association, 501 Superior Street, $40,000.

Marblehead Corp

3-19-13 Linda Zoundas to Rebecca Neubacher, 906 Church Street, $131,000.
3-20-13 The Richmond Foundation to William E III and Margaret Klaehn, 0 main Street, $10,000.

Port Clinton City

3-18-13 Timothy J. Perin to Holly C. Heileman, 605 East Second Street , $146,000.
3-19-13 Albert S. Benedict Jr. to John B. and Barbara Clark, 509 West Lakeshore Drive Apt A4, $109,000.
3-22-13 Thomas D. and Mary Ann Reed to Brad McGinnis, 1631 Water’s Edge Drive, $275,000.
3-22-13 Sarah Fitzthum nka Messa to Charles and Darla Guth, 2555 North Carriage Lane, $97,500.

Put In Bay Village School

3-19-13 John Donahue to Paul Jeris, 184 Sand Castle, $170,000.

Put In Bay Corp

3-19-13 Clare and Lucy Logan to Jeffrey F. and Jane L. Bringardner, vacant land Chapman Road, $55,000.

Salem Twp

3-18-13 Todd C. and Deborah S. Heiks to Federal National Mortgage Association, 280 South Manor Court, $206,667.
3-19-13 Amanda and Anthony Stewart to Federal National Mortgage Association, 9651 Moonlight Bay Lane West, $104,667.
3-20-13 National Bank of Ohio to James T. and Annette K. Schmit, and Beth A. Klima, 184 North Behlman Road, $95,000.

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