Real Estate Transfer 4.11.13

Allen Township

    4-2-13 Federal National Mortgage Association to Jacob R. Bodi, 22601 West Front Street,


Bay Township

     4-1-13 Norman J. Edwards et al to JP Morgan Chase Bank, 1254 West Fremont Road, $56,667.

Benton Township

    4-1-13 Chad W. and Lisa K. Smith to Federal National Mortgage Association, 2630 North Benton Carroll Road, $81,190.

    4-1-13 Joyce L. Treat to Kathleen Giesler, vacant land Moline Martin Road, $81,500.

    4-4-13 Robert Reynolds to Kenneth A. King and Keith D. King, Krause Road, vacant land, $62,250.

    4-4-13 Robert and Jess Reynolds to Kenneth A. King and Keith D. King, Krause Road, vacant land, $145,250.

Carroll Township

    4-2-13 Sabrina Taggant to Scott and Nancy Bowe, 6627 Earl Street, $10,000.

    4-5-13 Dale A. Wendt to Laura A. Winter and Randal L. Laubacher, Toussaint East Road, $38,500.

Catawba Township

    4-3-13 William O. and Christine M. Taubken to Raymond A. and Karen M. Lieb, 1739 North Lakewood Avenue, $480,000.

    4-5-13 Mike Marsh Properties LLC to Jeremiah J. Shellers, 4107 Crogan Street, $41,250.

    4-5-13 JPMorgan Chase Bank to Thomas and Patricia Daiber, 5296 East Porter Road, $57,001.

    4-5-13 Joseph and Lynda Mack to Mark Bezilla, 1526 NW Catawba Road Unit M. $144,900.

    4-5-13 Nicholas S. Conte to Jean Atwood and Michael Kirkman, Dock W-138 Come Sail Away, $3,500.

Clay Township

    4-1-13 Jacob W. and Jessica N. Anstead to Eric C. Pressley, 21635 West Holts-East Road, $145,000.

Danbury Township

    4-2-13 McEndeavor LTD to The Nature Conservancy, 154.1642 acres, $1,200,000.

    4-2-13 Marsha A. Karue to U.S. Bank National Association, 170 North Erie Beach Road, $130,000.

    4-3-13 West Harbor Lagoons Boatiminium Cond. Association to Thomas R. and Robin L. Barnes, 1510 North Buck Road, Unit # 98, $68,815.

    4-4-13 Dale and Victoria Wiltse to Walter Theiman, 608 Oak Avenue, $177,000.

    4-4-13 Stephanie J. Zimomra to Donald S. Lombardy, 7365 East Harbor Road, $170,000.

Elmore Corp.

    4-2-13 Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Michael L. Destazio, 264 Clinton, Street, $30,000.

Genoa Corp.

    4-1-13 Angela Whalen to Eugene O. and Linda S. Zunk, 1312 West Street, $50,000.

    4-3-13 Diane L. Ammons to Lance and Christy Woodruff, 108 East 15th Street, $127,900.

Harris Township

    4-1-13 Samantha S. Haar to Eugene O. and Linda S. Zunk, 15288 State Route 105, $65,000.

    4-1-13 David F. Netcher to Amy J. Kiefer, Terry W. Kiefer, and Darlene M. Kiefer, 712 West Elmore Eastern Road, $108,000.

Marblehead Corp

    4-2-13 Bay Point Acquisitions to Jeffery S. and Laurie L. Monica, 124 Cove Court, $510,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

    4-2-13 Sabra L. Arnold to Federal National Mortgage Association, 241 North Toussaint Street, $38,667.

Port Clinton City

    4-1-13 Jonathan and Molly Barcus to Archie C. and Nina K. Stinson, 116 East 11th Street, $142,500.

    4-1-13 Mary I. Colson Arvelo to PKD Properties LLC , 905 Maryland Street, $21,000.

    4-2-13 Nancy A. Wilson to Terry L. and Carol S. Gentry, 711 West Lakeshore Drive #103, $145,000.

    4-5-13 Ronald and Cynthia Zwierlein to Julie Mackey-Snyder, 123 Walnut Street, $97,000.

    4-5-13 Sharon M. Sanger to Donald E. and Mary E. Garber, 422 East Perry Street, $168,000.

    4-5-13 Irene Lukac to Randal and Michele Hughes, 506 Jackson Street, $75,000.

    4-5-13 David Boyer to Robert and Patty Morman and Debra Fitzgerald, 307 East Perry Street, $205,000.

Portage Township

    4-2-13 Thomas S. Motsinger to Thomas W. and Jane E. Agnes, 2313 East Sand Road, $600,000.

Put In Bay Corp

    4-1-13 George Schulz Jr. to Frederick A. Warren III, Lot 53 Driftwood, $34,575.

    4-2-13 Terry L. and Carol S. Gentry to Terry L. and Teresa A. Bodenbender, 375 Doller Avenue, $350,000.

Salem Township

    4-2-13 Gilbert H. Park Jr. to The Bank of New York, 8740 West State Route 163, $45,334.

    4-2-13 William C. and Patricia E. O’Haron to Fannie Mae, 11140 West Kimberly Drive, $70,000.

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