Real Estate Transfers for April 18, 2013


Bay Township

4-8-13 Brent R. Hutson and Rayanne J. Smith to Deutsche Bank National Trust, 2760 South Mulcahy Road, $50,000.

Clay Township

4-9-13 Jose Luis F. Lopez to Federal National Mortgage Association, 23790 West Moline Martin, $33,334.

Genoa Corp.

4-9-13 Sylvia L. Nearhood to Federal National Mortgage Association, 502 Wilbur Street, $86,667.

Catawba Township

4-8-13 Thomas and Ellen Weilbacher to Thomas and Diane Coury, 2890 Canterbury Circle #B, $223,600.
4-9-13 William M. Shambarger to Rick Lee and Pauline L. Basinger, 657 North hidden Harbor Road, $235,000.
4-9-13 Mark D. and Jennifer L. Hagen to Brian L. and Amber L. Foster, 3220 Elmwood, $170,000.
4-12-13 William Vandergiessen to Keith E. Diebler, 857 North Lost Lake Drive, $255,000.
4-12-13 Francis E. Hazard to Thomas A. and Stacey J. Reineke, 1410 Edgewater Drive, $375,000.

Danbury Township

4-9-13 Stanislaw A. and Jennifer R. wolf to Wells Fargo Bank, 1959 South Willard Drive, $36,667.
4-9-13 Kathleen A. Newton to Sharon S. Fitzpatrick, 1915 North Nan Road, $159,500.
4-12-13 Pamela A. Marsho Miller to Bradley E. Miller and Pamela A. Marsho Miller, 7487 East Harbor Road, $150,000. 

Marblehead Corp

4-9-13 Charles B. and Rith A. Scott to David L. Moomaw and Melissa A. Moomaw and Kay Moomaw, 910 West Main Street, $89,000.
4-10-13 Gina Brundage to Mark Getsay, 1965 East Bayshore Road #70, $192,000.

Harris Township

4-9-13 Hilda L. Saelzler to Thomas D. and Lori A. Avers, Portage River South, vacant land $39,830.

Port Clinton City

4-9-13 Patricia D. Cernke and Joan Zetzer Bryant to Tamara A. Henry, 530 Adams Street, $71,000.

Put In Bay Village School

4-9-13 Drlene H. Hoffman to Angela McLarnan, lot 141 Fairway Drive, $30,000.

Put In Bay Corp

4-10-13 Bay Boys, LLC to 461 Catawba Avenue, LLC, 461 Catawba Avenue, $632,500.

Salem Township

4-12-13 Dorothy G. and Richard Michael Bassett to Gary W. and Jana C. Olson, 1157 Golf Lane, $200,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

4-11-13 Sharon Liske, Heather Powell and K. Wagner to Karen and Frederick Wagner, 540 Locust Street, $44,000.


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