Real estate transfers

Bay Township

    6-4-13 John I. and Lisa A. Garrett to James D. Botson, 2825 Cleveland, $30,000.


Carroll Township

    6-4-13 Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Armando G. and Edith M. Santoya, 3233 North Lakeshore Drive, $33,900.

Catawba Township

    6-3-13 Joan M. Cachat to Ann M. and Michael F. O’Donnell, 4351 East Linda Drive, $182,500.

    6-5-13 Kay Swingle to Karen Klepper, 4290 Marin Blvd. Unit C, $350,000.

   6-7-13 Park View Federal Savings Bank to Optium Development LLC, 1870 NW Catawba Road, $150,000.

    6-7-13 William J. and Mary J. Gannon to Paul T. Rose, 1623 NE Catawba Road, $23,500.

Clay Township

    6-4-13 The Bank of New York to Michael A. and Dalilia Zapata, 20987 West State Route 163, $49,000.

Danbury Township

    6-3-13 Teresa M. Chaffin et al to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 172 Spring Crest Drive, $40,000. 

    6-4-13 Dale and Victoria Wilste to Mary C. Warren, 505 Poplar, $220,000.

    6-5-13 Dale E. Parker to Darryl Menerey, 5686 State Route 163 Unit A16, $50,000.

    6-6-13 Robert A. Bragg to Wells Fargo Bank, 7292 East Applewood Drive, $58,000.

    6-7-13 Jason and Julianne Lee to Robert K. Foreman. 6901 East Bayshore Road, $154,000.

    6-7-13 Karen Holmes to Andrew Naumoff, 245 Poplar Avenue, $143,000.

    6-7-13 Glenda S. Gearhart to Arnfred and Collen Kulenkampff, 9886 East Bayshore Road #1, $295,000.

Elmore Corp.

    6-6-13 Connie M. Heitman to Erick T. and Stephanie A. Hatzidakas, 230 Fremont Street, $108,000.

Harris Township

    6-7-13 Freddie Mac to Andrew and Nicole Bowlus, 18647 West State Route 105, $116,000.

Marblehead Corp

    6-7-13 Kim and Elizabeth Skrinak to Brian Bear and Krystyn Perry, 313 East Perry Street, $149,500.

    6-7-13 Prete Builders Inc to Tiell Financial Group LLC, 105 Cove Court, $415,000.

    6-7-13 Benjamin C. and Wendy A. Richmond to MLT Main Street LLC, 413-417 West Main Street, $240,000.

Port Clinton Corp.

    6-4-13 Richard A. Price to Bridget A. Wise, 104 East 10th Street, $62,500.

    6-4-13 William Wynn to Shane Blessing and Jason Caldwell, 904-908 Maryland Street, $20,000

    6-6-13 Lakes Investments Inc. to Gerald and Jean Schultz, 318 Buckeye Blvd., $85,000. 

    6-7-13 Bay Breeze Properties LLC to Kenneth D. and Michelle L. Komar, 503 Lakeshore Drive B3, $84,500.

    6-7-13 Bay Breeze Properties LLC to Islandview Properties LLC, 503 A2 Lakeshore Drive, $97,500.

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