Real estate transfers

Allen Township

    6-24-13 Michael D. Sarnes to Kristina L. M. and Scott M. Wildman, 5199 North Billman Road, $277,500.

Bay Township

    6-27-13 Nancy Jennings to Robin L. Jennings, 4900 West Fremont Road, $19,400.

Carroll Township

    6-24-13 Fannie Mae to Lesa Michael, 1413 State Route 19, $40,000.

    6-26-13 James and Frankie Pyburn to Michael D. and Vicki L. Ricker, 6354 North Harris Harbor, $100,000.

    6-27-13 Kenneth and Paula Rippy to Dennis and Patricia Lantzy, 6394 Harris Harbor, $55,000.

    6-28-13 David K. Gates to US Bank National Association, 10123 West Toussaint East Road, $83,334.

Catawba Township

    6-24-13 Stephen J. and Candice S. Horvath to Julie E. and Daniel Hofas, 4710 East Johnson Avenue, $120,000.

    6-26-13 Robert J. and Mary E. Hall to Darren and Kristine D. Ingham, 1623 NE Catawba Road #163, $63,100.

    6-28-13 Audrey M. Devaty to Clifford L. and Judith A. Rapier, 1623 NE Catawba Road #160, $70,000.

Clay Township

    6-25-13 Wells Fargo Bank National Association to Robert and Laura G. Long, 2825 Scott Court, $95,199.

Danbury Township

    6-24-13 Judy Anne Jaccaud to William D. and Margaret M. Greer, 1970 Robert Drive, $190,000.

    6-24-13 Arnfred and Colleen Kulankampff to Mark W. and Kathleen Valentine, 9886 East Bayshore Road #5, $265,000.

    6-25-13 David R. York to William Ziegan, 8931 State Route 163, $181,000.

    6-26-13 Ducks Island LLC to Richard E. and Christine D. Zahm, 8280 East Gravel Bar, $150,000. 

Erie Township

    6-24-13 Richard Sullen to Earl K. Boyle Jr. and Renee M. Whitta, 1220 West Richey, gift value $13,500. 

    6-27-13 Jerry W. and Dianne L. Cook to Edward C. and Patricia C. Beardsley, 1220 West Richet Road, $10,000.

    6-28-13 Quinstock Farms, LLC to Jayson D. Hates, Rymers Road, vacant land $197,800.

Genoa Corp.

    6-24-13 Howard Roulson to John Meyer, 208 East 11th Street, $110,500.

    6-25-13 Richard A. Brown to Roberta A. Bradfield, 1313 Superior Street, $$50,000.

    6-28-13 James F. Slater to Robert L. Keaton Sr. and ColleenM. Keaton, 1406 Main Street, $110,000.

Harris Township

    6-27-13 Donald B. and Cardyn S. Shirey to David Wauford, 16390 West Yeasting, $150,000.

Marblehead Corp

    6-25-13 Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Jeffrey J. Malish and Lynne S. Petzold, 10654 East Bayshore Road #100, $165,000.

    6-26-13 Ruth G. Davis to Jon C. and Amy M. Ballinger, 814 Lake Street, $525,000.

    6-26-13 Frank J. Trem to H. Michael and Carol S. Miller, 118 Lifeboat Station, $645,000.

    6-28-13 Edward A. Ibos to Fred Wittman, Memorial Shoreway, vacant land $6,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

    6-24-13 Federal National Mortgage to Michael J. Richards, 114 Oak Street, $40,000.

Portage Township

    6-26-13 Victoria R. Overberg to Donald and Holly Reed, 350 East Bayview Drive, $599,000.

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