Real estate transfers

Allen Township

    7-25-13 Robert J. Shiels et al to Malissa A. Shessler, 22629 West Cedar Avenue, $63,000.

    7-26-13 Leonard P. Blair to Theodore L. and Janice M. Wasserman, Walbridge Road East, vacant land, $97,500.

Catawba Township

    7-22-13 Jack E. and Mary C. Short to Kimberly L. and Jack R. Moore Jr., 3258 North Marina View Drive, $267,000.

    7-22-13 Charles L. and Norma E. Beamer et al to Paula M. Dugan, 2596 Sun Valley #103, $88,000.

    7-23-13 ALZO LLC to Daniel T. Stryffeler and Karen J. Homer, 2850 Nor’Easter Cove Unit 6, $735,000.

    7-24-13 Alan M. Hausfeld to Lagoon LLC, 5543 Helmsman, $200,000.

    7-25-13 Carolyn E. Coldren to Allen C. Filipic, Unit W-8 North Windward, $3,500.

    7-26-13 JDC Enterprises Inc. to Phil Steinle Jr., Lot 27B Catawba Place, new split, $41,000.

Clay Township

    7-25-13 Bernadine K. Dipman to Zeller Farms Inc, 23046 West State Route 51, new split, $40,000.

Danbury Township

    7-24-13 Cleve S. and Donna M. Parkhurst to Clifford W. and Maxine P. Stilgenbauer, 9042 East Rockport Drive, $325,000.

    7-24-13 Robert L. and Marjorie Beardslee to Erchong Li, 1505 South Marblewood, $24,000.

    7-24-13 Ronald B. and Lida L. Knipp to Andrew S. Pastor III and Stacey Kostenko, 1510 North Buck Road, $75,400.

    7-25-13 Helen L. Hennig to Robert L. Hennig, 6538 East Bayshore Road, $54,288. 

Elmore Corp.

    7-2-13 Randall S. Calhoun to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 430 Toledo Street, $60,000.

Harris Township

    7-22-13 Andy Rippke to Jeremy J. and Carla L. Smith, 15146 State Route 105, $195,000.

Marblehead Corp

    7-22-13 Charles G. and Tekla Lake Taylor to Orthopedic Clinic Bldg., 417 Bay Point Blvd., $475,000.  

Port Clinton Corp.

    7-22-13 Robert J. and Carrie Van Hoose to HSBC Bank, 903 East Third Street, $36,667.

    7-23-13 Ila Jean Kendall to Lester J. and Dorothy J. Hein, 923 Maryland Stret, $17,000.

    7-25-13 Kaja Holdings LLC to Donna Messina, 708 Bataan Lane, $20,000.

    7-26-13 Darrel and Sandra Wirebaugh to Randy and Michelle Farris, 417 West 5th Street, $47,000.

Portage Township

    7-23-13 Keith E. and Kathleen M. Joy to Richard R. Mack, 3720 East Aqua Aire Drive Unit 204, $33,000.

Put In Bay Village School

    7-26-13 Dennis Boyer to Joseph and Joyce Fortuna, 760 Portsmouth, $325,000.

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