Real estate transfers

Allen Township

    7-29-13 Chester Burkey to Gerald P. Shank Jr., 22690 Toledo Street, $88,000.

    7-31-13 Paul A. Johnson et al to Phillip D. Zimenez and Joleen M. Kriston, Genoa Clay Center Road, vacant land new split, $51,000. 

    7-31-13 Gary A. Revill to Steven A. and Amy L. Zajac, 6370 Blue Violet Court, $245,000.

Catawba Township

    7-31-13 Kenneth M. Sesko Jr. to Richard A. and Constance L. Sheaffer, 1623 NE Catawba Road, $97,000.

    8-1-13 John T. and Annette Sutter to Gary G. and Penny K. Smith, 1657 North Windward Drive, $137,000.

    8-1-13 Anothy N. and Diane F. Agnesi to James M. and Diane C. West, 2690D Canterbury Circle, $185,000.

Clay Township

    7-31-13 Frank A. Grahl to Andrew L. Boss, 2834 North Nissen Road, $85,000.

    8-1-13 Timothy J. and Brenda Coon to Timothy E. and Shelia J. Davis, North Billman Road, $3,000.

Danbury Township

    7-29-13 William and Wanda Shroyer to Malanie and Mark Jeffers, 450 Cedar Avenue, $195,000.

    7-30-13 Robert Royster to Dustin W. Mitchell and Emily J. Tennant, 157 South Bridge Road, $80,000.

    7-30-13 Bailiwick Company LLC to Tab A. and Tanja Ursula Ute Beach, 2030 Bailiwick Lane, $247,000.

    8-1-13 William R. and Judith L. Martoccia to Paul  and Lariza Kaiser, 564 Parkside Drive, $320,000.

    8-1-13 Paul I. and Mary Joyce Matthews to Richard V. and Stacy E. Milazzo, 9023 East Rockport, $400,000.

    8-2-13 Martin and Jacqueline Jaras to Matthew and Kim Dunlap, 6954 Long Point Circle, $119,000.

Erie Township

    7-29-13 John R. and Kathy L. Rader to David A. Witt, 1659 North Carroll Erie Road, $76,000.

Elmore Corp.

    7-31-13 Winfred Jacobs to Todd R. and Melissa S. Faunce, 231 Maple Street, $65,000.

Genoa Corp.

    7-30-13 PNC Bank to Lawrence M. McCallury, 402 Main Street, $54,000.

    7-31-13 Cheryl L. Schimming to Adam J. Schumacher, 610 Washington Street, $102,000.

    8-2-13 Beryl Knott to Shirley U. Mominee, 202 Rose, $100,000.

    8-2-13 Michael J. Murawski and Susan L. Boraggina to David and Robin Herman, 408 East Fourth Street, $15,500. 

Harris Township

    7-31-13 Michael L. Webber to Mitchell D. O’Neil, 2840 South Opfer Lentz Road, $126,000.

Marblehead Corp

    7-29-13 David Pritchard and Jean Ann Nava-Pritcher, Harsh Road, vacant land $55,000.

    7-31-13 Bailiwick Company LLC to Petros Homes Inc., 2050 South Bailiwick Lane, $57,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

    8-1-13 Vernon J. Green to Frans and Deborah Bentlage, 125 Park Street, $32,000.

Port Clinton Corp.

    7-29-13 Kristen Bailey-Abney to Eric N. Bailey, 715 East Second Street , $75,000.

    7-30-13 Ronald A. and Nancy A. Carpenter to Adolfo Moreno Sr., 168 Clinton Reef, $89,000.

    7-31-13 Anne K. Koenig to Joymac LLC, 711 West Lakeshore Drive #503, $120,000.

    8-2-13 Andrew and Linda Migas to John Flegal, 132 Walnut Street, $95,000.

Portage Township

    7-29-13 Theodore B. Mason to James A. and Amy L. Ronski, 2219 East Sand Road, $273,000.

    7-31-13 Kroll Crest Investors LTD to Goodwill Industries of Erie, Huron, Ottawa and Sandusky Counties, State Route 163, $1,331,000.

    8-1-13 Robert E. Lorensen to Wayne J. and Georgia K. Sorengen, 620 East Hickory Grove, $370,000.

    8-1-13 Edward Heinsen to Walter and Martha J. Brown, 210 West Second Street, $18,000.

Put In Bay Corp

    7-29-13 Valerie L. Mettler to Buckeyes PIB LLC, 394 Loraine Avenue, $440,000.

Salem Township

    7-29-13 Ethel Wilber to Jeffrey S. Adams, 7131 Little Portage East Road, $29,000.

    7-31-13 Federal National Mortgage Association to Jerry L. Miller, 8568 West State Route 163, $94,500.

    7-31-13 Barry L. Nehls to Donald and Jennifer Lochotzki, 9609 West SR 163, $118,500.

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