Real estate transfers

Benton Township

8-7-13 Earl J. Johnson to Frederick E. Kohlman, Stange Road, vacant land $160,000.
8-9-13 Federal National Mortgage Association to Chad M. Fitzgerald, 2630 North Benton Carroll Road, $86,000.

Bay Township

8-9-13 Federal National Mortgage Association to Tara N. Cain, 6120 West Oak Harbor Southeast Road, $97,400.

Carroll Township

8-6-13 Gladys N. Honaker to Kristopher L. Greener, North Joy Street, vacant land $18,000.
8-9-13 Daniel D. Johnson to Gary L. Patton, Hayes, vacant land, $1,200.
8-9-13 Erie Shore Propane Inc. to David E. and Sherry L. Grodi, 5911 Russell, new split, $7,500.

Catawba Township

8-5-13 Kenneth A. and Joanne V. Konjura to Timothy J. and Carole M. Kaminsky, 1763 NE Catawba Road #225, $68,200.

Clay Township

8-9-13 The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company to Kim L. McClung, 22850 West Hellwig Road, $44,000.
8-9-13 Angela M. Jimerson et al to Chad M. and Cari Lynn Buehler, 2521 North First Street, $155,000.

Danbury Township

8-6-13 Fannie Mae to John Radar and Kevin Newcomer, 216 North Strause Lane, $20,000.
8-8-13 Phillip J. Cadez to Michael G. and Denise T. Stack, 152 North Channel Grove Road, $85,000.
8-8-13 William T. McCarthy and Deborah A. Blem-McCarthy to John and Monica Shuleva, 539 North Bluewater Drive, $250,000.
8-9-13 Deborah Swartz to Aaron and Jayce Skidmore, 636 Walnut Avenue, $175,000.

Erie Township

8-9-13 R. Brent Bailey to John and Kathy Rader, 49 Bertchen Drive, $30,000.

Genoa Corp.

8-9-13 Shirley A. Jerew to Steven L. and Brenda S. Johnson, 88 Main Street, $330,000.
8-9-13 Chad M. and Cari Lynn Buelher to Troy Espinoza, 1304 Buckeye Street, $106,000.

Marblehead Corp

8-5-13 Bay Point Acquisition LLC to Michael J. and Amy E. Brediger, 405 Bay Point Blvd., $305,000.
8-5-13 Joyce B. Saad to Alexander and Darla J. Keding, 3154 South Confederate, $38,000.
8-9-13 FHLMC to Robert G. and Gail K. McConville, 10654 East Bayshore Road #2, $130,000.
8-9-13 Vickie L. Hutchins to Thomas A. and Joanna V. Hamilton, 123 Glacial Lane 3A, $385,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

8-7-13 Fannie Mae to Ginger Velliquette, 111 West Lake Street, $19,300.

Port Clinton Corp.

8-5-13 Judith Callihan to Valerie K. Witte, 645 Laurel Avenue, $127,800.
8-6-13 Valeamo D. Dieter to Steven L. and Monica Blatt, Madison Street, vacant land $500.
8-7-13 Jaymac LLC to Mary Kay Leedy, 711 West Lakeshore Drive #503, $127,000.
8-9-13 Patricia A. Robson to Brandon J. Meyers and Jodi M. Jess, 303 West Sixth Street, $73,000.

Put In Bay Village School

8-7-13 Put in Bay Homes LLC to Michael D. and Sherri M. Stallard, 1591 Jeris Lane, $325,000.
8-8-13 Put In Bay Synergy LLC to Edward Fitzgerald, 1230 Tri Motor #4, $151,874.
8-8-13 Put In Bay Synergy LLC to Put In Bay Casas LLC 1230 Tri Motor #8, $175,000.
8-8-13 Put In Bay Synergy LLC to Put In Bay Casas LLC, 1230 Tri Motor #1, $175,000.

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