Real estate transfers

Allen Township

    8-12-13 Glennis K. Harder to Kevin M. Bringe, North Opfer-Lentz Road, vacant land, $240,000.

Bay Township

    8-13-13 Key Bank National Association to Kenneth and Personna Berberich, 3060 West Elmore Road, $42,700.

    8-13-13 Martin H. Ranes to Ruby J. Brady, 595 Streeter Street, $37,500.

Carroll Township

    8-12-13 Tanna Nutter-Colanduoni to Leslie H. and Kathleen A. Bowyer, 5625 North Russell Road, $21,500

    8-15-13 Eric D. and Rebecca M.  Johannsen  to The Huntington National Bank, 6607 North Humphrey Road, $68,000.

Catawba Township

    8-12-13 Thomas A. Gelonese et al to David J. Michalski and Karen A. Wilson, 4648 Catawba Woods, $70,000.

    8-13-13 Steven H. Willham and Vicky L. Milam to Merle Steven and Monica A. Barber, 1763 NE Catawba Road #216, $145,000.

    8-14-13 Steven D. and Linda M. Kovach to Erin Burkhard and Daniel P. Stecklow, 5871 Poplar Street, $75,000.

    8-16-13 Carol Ellen Patterson et al to Ronald J. and Judy A. Willis, 1374 North McCloy, $53,300.

Clay Township

    8-16-13 Ellen Polsdorfer to Betty Sue McCollum-Cousino, 275 Third Street, $8,500.

Danbury Township

    8-13-13 Frank and Karen Tkacz to Ryan C. and Gina N. Ritter, 2079 Seneca Trail, $43,000.

    8-13-13 Stephen M. Hudak to Richard F. Kracer, 730 Hartshorn Road, $50,000.

    8-15-13 David and Francine Berger to Charles M. and Yolanda T. Kettel, 2487 Oak Knoll, $104,000.

    8-16-13 Ottawa Residential Services  Inc. to Marblehead Partners LLC, 500 North Lake Pine Drive, multiple parcels $1,653,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

    8-15-13 Sara L. Shank to Debra L. Rice, 408 West Walnut Street, $97,000.

Port Clinton Corp.

    8-14-13 John E. and Esther T. Dick to John and Julie Bodart, 513 Lakeshore Drive, Unit B-2, $127,000.

    8-14-13 The Citizens Banking Company to Shane M. Blessing and Jaron M. Caldwell, 207 Fulton Street, $22,000.

Portage Township

    8-12-13 Tracie S. Schurr to Joshau N. and Tiffany L. Barnhill, Sanbay, vacant land, $40,000.

     8-16-13 Robert Palfy to Carl R. Blaesing and Melanie Watling, 184 East Bayview Drive, $223,000.

    8-16-13 Shirley M. Priest to Jeffrey L. and Lynne A. Schumaker, 364 North Poplar Street, $169,900.

Put In Bay Corp

    8-15-13 Michael T. and Alysia R. Poe to Jeffrey and Marie Butcher, 86 Toledo Avenue, $500,000.

Put In Bay Village School

    8-15-13 Put In Bay Synergy LLC to James Rogers, 1230 Tri Motor #5, $175,000.

Salem Township

    8-15-13 Iris D. Winer to HSBC Mortgage Services, Inc., 359 South Benton Carroll Road, $100,000.

    8-15-13 Elwood and Karen Johns to Quentin Passabet, 11760 West River Lane, $179,000.

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