Real estate transfers

Allen Township

    8-21-13 Daniel S. and Lisa D. Mominee to Marceio E. and Coreen M. Marandino, 24797 West Reservation Line Road, $190,000.

    8-23-13 Daniel D. Johnson et al to Michael J. Zaciewski Jr. and Jessica A. Zaciewski, North Genoa Clay Center Road, new split vacant land, $49,000.

Benton Township

    8-20-13 Angela S. Firestone to Aaron J. and Sian L. McHale, 18515 West Hellwig Road, $220,000.

Carroll Township

    8-20-13 William E. Bolin to Todd and Devon Holden, 1031 Hen Island Lane, $50,000.

Catawba Township

    8-19-13 Carolyn A. Ochs Pope et al to Jeffrey A. and Kathryn A. Rathje, 2613 Sand Road, $400,000.

    8-19-13 ALZO LLC to Lost Lake Development LLC, 1509 North Point, $222,000.

    8-20-13 Thomas G. and Mary B. Harmes to William W. and Linda L. Crockett, 781 Lost Lake Drive, $48,000.

    8-20-13 Curtis M. Baxter to Diane M. Sturzenbecker, 1859 NE Catawba Road #105, $45,500.

    8-21-13 William Vandergiessen and Peter Weimer to Eugene and Joan Sutton and Jason and Stephanie Sutton, 847 North Lost Lake, $281,950.

    8-22-13 Michael A. and Becky A. Breda to Richard M. and Kathleen M. Fetcenko, 1811 North Windward Drive, $140,000.

    8-22-13 Debra M. and Richard M. Bassett to Matthew Wajtowicz, 2865 Trillium Lane, $600,000.

    8-22-13 Hazel M. Ute to William James Reagan Jr. and Kathleen Regina Reagan, 1623 NE Catawba Road #109, $21,500.

    8-23-13 Richard L. and Margo E. Kostecka to Scott L. and Julie Hoffland, 5287 East Swan Trail Drive, $240,000.

    8-23-13 Lost Lake Development to David A. McPhail, 1509 North Point Drive, $491,041.

    8-23-13 Louis P. Zgela to Richard M. and Samantha K. Schaedler, 5822 East Woodland Drive, $138,500.

Clay Township

    8-20-13 RCR Partnership to RCR Partnership, 455 North Martin Williston Road, 6.788 acres, $41,000.

Danbury Township

    8-20-13 James Dailey to Timothy and Cynthia Mahl, 317 Maple, Unit #15, $78,000.

    8-22-13 Federal National Mortgage Association to Craig J. Carey, 175 North Hidden Beach Road, $68,500.

    8-23-13 Karen J. Beckman to Peter J. and Janis A. Schwager, 4715 East Port Clinton Eastern Road, $211,500.

Erie Township

    8-19-13 Charles Barnes to Michael L. Buehler, 5550 Railroad Street, $30,000.

Harris Township

    8-23-13 Rable & Pearson Associates LLC to Kraig D. Baker, 17350 West Portage River, $162,900.

Marblehead Corp

    8-19-13 William E. Klaehn III and Margaret A. Klaehn to Michael J. and Barbara J. Collins, Lakeview lot #35, vacant land, $55,000.

    8-20-13 Bay Point Acquisition LLC to Orthopedic Clinic Bldg. Ltd., 136 Cove Court Unit #31, $499,878.

    8-22-13 Michael N. and Joseph M. Horvath to James N. Crutchfield and Becky J. Hoover, Memorial Shoreway, vacant land, $80,000.

    8-22-13 Cottage Cove Real Estate Investments LLC to Ronald F. and Roberta L. Royhab, 148 Cottage Cove, $23,000.

    8-22-13 Johnson’s Island Investment Group LLC to Access Builders LLC, 4150 South Woodcliff Drive Lot #65, $35,000.

    8-23-13 Bay Point Acquisition LLC to Robert Andrew and Patricia M. Schiesswohl, 140 Cove Court Unit #30, $497,600.

Oak Harbor Corp

    8-22-13 Craig R. and Michelle M Ish to Danielle and Patricia Lakin, 434 Benton Street, $126,250.

    8-22-13 Federal National Mortgage Association to Karen Daniels, 241 North Toussaint, $51,650.

Port Clinton Corp.

    8-21-13 Dennis L. and Patricia A. Fligor to Stanley B. and Julia F. Daugherty, 711 West Lakeshore Drive #204, $133,000.

    8-21-13 Sandra Ballard et al to Alan R. Walker, 1123 Fulton Street, $90,000.

    8-22-13 Wilda R. Poff to Kimela S. Taylor and Cory C. Erwin, 320- 322 Superior Street, $15,000.

    8-23-13 Edward Sandrock to Deborah K. O’Neal, 648 Harrison Street, $93,500.

Put In Bay Village School

    8-19-13 James R. and Diane L. Walter to Kimberely L. Gadd, lot 101 Burgundy Blvd., $16,850.

    8-20-13 Robert J. Moore Sr. and Carolyn Smith Moore to Jo Ann M. and Donald D. Humphrey, 380 Burgundy Blvd., $220,000.

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