Real estate transfers

Allen Township

    10-31-13 John Zachel to John J. and Diane K. Studneski, 20955 Toledo Street, $81,000.

    10-31-13 Shawna A. and Todd A. Haeft to Bank of America, 6070 North Martin Williston Road, $60,000. 

Catawba Township

    10-30-13 Theodore E. Fillmore to Aaron M. and Rachel L. Taylor, 3047 North Tiara Drive, $242,500.

    11-1-13 Catawba-Cleveland Development Corp. to Abigail A. Kuwatch, 3134 West Marina View Drive #10, $10,000.

    11-1-13 Kenneth F. and Paula M. Sauer to Arthur A. and Darleen L. White, 4491 Marin Lakes Drive, $277,000.

    11-1-13 Walter McKenna to William D. and Susan K. Mitchell et al, 5735 East Pittsburg Street, $348,000.

Danbury Township

    10-28-13 Safe Harbor Development LTD to James S. Babiasz, 5686 State Route 163 A 10, $65,900.

    10-28-13 Anne E. Marco to Theresa M. Marez, 8534 East Harbor Road, $182,000.

    10-28-13 Michael Lynch to Stephen and Melissa Wank, 262 Gravel Bar, $150,000.

    10-28-13 Richard W. and Janis O. Barsh to Lloyd Dayton, 360/370 State Route 269, new split $15,368.

    10-29-13 Safe Harbor Development LTD to A. Thomas Watson, 5686State Route 163, Unit B-3, new split $89,250.

    10-31-13 Frank M. Hodge Jr. and Paula A. Hodge to John W. Arnold, 252 Meadowbrook , $116,600.

    10-31-13 John D. Miller to First National Acceptance Company, 9940 Miami Street, $57,357.

    11-1-13 Joseph Steven Papazian to Sean E. Huth, 1940 South Marblewood, $136,000.

Erie Township

    10-29-13 North Channel Properties LLC to Roger and Joyce Gordon, 3480 West Lakeshore Drive Unit 2-6, $63,700.

    11-1-13 Badowski Family Limited Partnership to Mike Simonis, 3930 State Route 2 #103, $19,000.

Marblehead Corp

    10-29-13 Bay Pointe Acquisition LLC to David A. and Cecilia F. Holden, 142 Bay Breeze Drive, $314,900.

    10-29-13 Larz LLC to Eleanor Jean Shaeffer, 812 East Main Street, $285,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

    10-28-13 Scott E. Billings to Green Pad Properties LTD, 162 West Water Street, $30,000.

    10-30-13 Habitat for Humanity of Ottawa County to Antonette R. Tjerina, 733 Locust Drive, $84,803.

    11-1-13 Jeffrey D. and Andrea S. Sorg to Cathy L. Franz, 117 West Washington Street, $70,000.

Port Clinton Corp.

    10-30-13 Diane M. Fought to Fannie Mae, 127 Lincoln Drive, $60,000.

    10-30-13 Aaron M. and Rachel L. Taylor to Ryan D. Winningham, 718 Tyler Street, $212,000.

Portage Township

    10-31-13 Anita Jane Rogers to Tracy C. and Gina S. Knight, 1275 East Granet Avenue, $67,400.

    10-31-13 George C. and Eloise Cooper to Steven S. Aughinbaugh Sr. and Maureen A. Aughinbaugh, 1930 Bay Drive, $155,000.

Put In Bay Corp

    11-1-13 Terry and Teresa Bodenbender to Dennis J. and Linda L. Rectenwald, 259 Erie Street, $425,000.

Put In Bay Village School

    10-28-13 Real America Inc to Island Productions LLC, 1233 Fox Road and 1233 Swartz Lane, $550,000.

    10-28-13 Thomas J. Novisky to Steven C. and Lori M. Mesenburg, 1475 North Shore Drive, $290,000.

    10-31-13 Pit In Bay Casa LLC to Schmenk Properties LLC, 1230 Tri-Motor Drive, $179,700.

Salem Township

    10-28-13 National Bank of Ohio to Daniel R. Hofacker, 1818 South Woodrick Road, $37,500.

    11-1-13 Scott F. and Shelia S. Lindsay to Tracy V. and Wendy S. Whittaker, 8220 West Portage River South Road, $139,050.

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