Real estate transfers

Benton Township

    12-4-13 Albert A and Debra L Loomis to Michael Vincent Mag, 3331 North Elliston Trowbridge Road, $127,500.

Catawba Township

    12-2-13 Michele Mercurio to MOD Development LLC, 4628 East Catawba Woods Road, $65,000.    

Clay Center Corp

    12-5-13 Gail E Lutman and Gay E Miltz-Brown to Graymont Dolime Inc, 0 Camper Road, $57,000.

    12-5-13 Gaylord and Christina Sheldon to Lee and Karen Henry, 16521 West Kraus Road, $48,000.

Clay Township

    12-2-13 Pamela Sue Strausbaugh to Diana Lynne Callihan, 23135 Winfield, $50,000.

Danbury Township

    12-3-13 Margaret L Highfill to Randy J and Jennifer L Swartz, 62 North Hidden Beach, $60,000.

    12-5-13 Gwen E Hansen to Jeffrey and Lani Murphy, 735 Jasmine Avenue, $323,000.   

Erie Township

    12-4-13 David R Tong to Linda L Bradley, 1400 West Lakeshore Drive, $13,770.    

Marblehead Corp

    12-3-13 Thomas Michael and Carol Anita Tighe to Martin J and Jane J Eble, 3061 Confederate Drive, $445,000.

    12-4-13 Johnson’s Island Investment Group LLC to Wallace and Shannon Brulinski, Lot #2 Baycliffs Drive, $85,000.

    12-6-13 Chad Howard and Cheri Howard and Sandra Howard to Michael J and Becky A Seredick, 2109 Willow Cove Drive, $157,500.

    12-6-13 Thomas Michael and Carol Anita Tighe to Russell A and Melissa A Maringer, 3868 Confederate, $126,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

    12-2-13 Ottawa County Sheriff to Snyder Apartments and Properties LTD, 154 North Church Street, $42,000.

    12-2-13 Thomas L Lenz & Chad E Gaby to Guy L Parmigian, 212 East Main Street, $65,000.

    12-3-13 Barbara A Lodermeier to Mary S Coffee, 211 Oak Ridge Drive, $200,000.

Port Clinton Corp.

     12-6-13 Ronald L Price to Frederick l and Christina Below, 1402 East Second Street, $82,900.

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