Real estate transfers

Allen Township

1-30-14 Tina M. Helle to the Huntington National Bank, 20191 West Route 579, $56,667.

Catawba Township

1-27-14 Donna Kelley to Nicholas M. and Elizabeth G. Paul, 2289 North Carriage Lane, $176,250.

1-28-14 William R. and Julia A. Quayle to Dennis F. McKenna Jr. and Karin L. McKenna, 4204 East Stonehedge Road, $305,000.

1-28-14 John E. and Marilyn M. Kirkbride to Timothy R. and Jill D. Holdsworth, 5951 East Catawba Shores Drive, $310,000.

Clay Township

1-30-14 James K. and Pam S. Heninger to Joseph W. Shepard Jr., 20876 West Camper Road, $247,000.

Danbury Township

1-27-14 US Bank National Association to Heather Kight-Isaly, 170 North Erie Beach Road, $91,000.

1-30-14 Eric W. Baizer to Joseph J. Boss, 143 Laser Lane, $77,000.

1-30-14 Cynthia R. Bolte to the Lakeside Association, 217 Walnut Avenue, $340,000.

1-30-14 John Rader and Kevin Newcomer to Brian and Stacy Upton, 216 Strause Lane, $69,000.

Elmore Corp.

1-27-14 Household Realty Corporation to Ryan M. Mitchell, 425 Lincoln Street, $69,900.

1-30-14 Richard A. Blausey to Kenneth E. and Carolyn J. Neeb, State Route 51, $65,000.

1-30-14 Federal National Mortgage Association to Bonnie J. Billups, 656 Rice Street, $66,000.

Genoa Corp.

1-28-14 Mark A. and Julie L. Simmons to Timothy Charles Woodward, 402 West 6th Street, $115,900.

1-30-14 Karen L. Dunn to Fred’s Investments LLC, 1505 Superior Street, $60,000.

Harris Township

1-30-14 Becky Magsig and Laura Hartley to Sam Harrison, South Schutt, $91,030.

Port Clinton Corp.

1-30-14 Nancy L. Nelson to John Rader, 334 Harrison Street, $26,000.

1-30-14 Everett M. and Angela M. Woodel to Molly A. Bauman, 621 Laurel Street, $109,900.

Portage Township

1-30-14 Winkoe LLC to Keith and Kathy Joy, 4125 East Kirk Road, Units 223 & 225, $69,350.

1-30-14 Winkoe LLC to Robert Speck, 4125 East Kirk Road, Unit 226, $33,900.

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