Small Business Saturday

S — Week ending April 20, 2012

Benton Township
• 4-16-12 Art F. and Lori A. Simmons to Joseph R. and Judy A. Kapp: Todd W. and Melissa A. Kapp, West Trowbridge Road, $31,000.

Carroll Township
• 4-16-12 Stephen J. and Mary Pero to Linda M. Denman, 0 Locust Point, $75,000.

Genoa Corp.
• 4-17-12 Marcia Hayes to Jeffrey E. and Shelly A. Nissen, 1211 Main St., $30,000.
• 4-17-12 Fannie Mae to Steven H. Chalfin, 401Wilbur St., $42,500.

Catawba Township
• 4-17-12 Diana Roberts and Brenda Rollins to Dorothy M. White, 2239 NW Catawba Road, $138,277.
• 4-19-12 Harbor’s Development II, LTD to J. Lynne Deal, 4829 E. Tradewinds Drive, $375,451.

Danbury Township
• 4-16-12 Darren F. Kimble to Cynthia L. Kimble, 107 N. Margaret, $113,000.
• 4-16-12 Steven L. Spitler to Gregory D. and Vicki L. Breck, 2921 Waterside, $237,000.
• 4-17-12 K.F. Enterprises, Inc. to R & C Smith Real Estate LLC, South Danbury new split, $349,900.
• 4-18-12 John M. and Anne T. Wellik to Tito Antonio Lopez and Domineque M. Antonio, 4394 East State Road, $99,900.
• 4-19-1 PNC Bank to Erie Zeis, LLC, 2015 S. Ellsworth Drive, $42,000.

Marblehead Corp
• 4-16-12 Charleen Loudenslager to Ingeborg Kummant, 602 Wesleyan Drive, $170,000.

Erie Township
• 4-20-12 Dwane and Angela F. wears to Ciara N. Pennington, 5651 W. Harbor Road, $110,000.

Elmore Corp.
• 4-16-12 Lynne A. and John A. Fletcher to Jessica N. Zervas, 861 Fremont St., $119,900.

Harris Township
• 4-16-12 Frances B. Meng to Galen G. and Katja Koepke, Ohio 51 and Lickert Harder, $215,000.
• 4-17-12 Scott F. Bowe and Christina L. Angelone to Randall L. Sturtz, 20840 W. Ohio 105, $150,000.

Portage Township
• 4-20-12 Sophia C. Dugan to The Pentecostal Church of God, 0 South Madison Street, $50,000.

Port Clinton City
• 4-16-12 James Foreman to Khail and Rose Aliakbar, 52 Grande Lake Drive, $118,000.
• 4-17-12 MacPrep LTD to North Coast Property Link, LLC, 102 Madison St. Units H-214 & H-220, $115,000.
• 4-18-12 Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Dave and Courtney Gill, 118 Alice St., $60,000.
• 4-19-12 Heineman Beverages Incorporated to Thomas W. Brooks, 415 Short St., $35,000.

Put-in-Bay Village School
• 4-17-12 George R. and June E. Stoiber to Heineman Winery, Inc., 1282 Catawba Ave., $150,000.

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