— Week ending July 6

Allen Township
• 7-2-12 Jose Eladio Zapata to Thomas L. Cashen, Jr., 4732 N. Genoa-Clay Center Road, $110,000.
• 7-3-12 Frederick A. Wargowsky to Ronald J. and Jeanne E. Rollins, 21090 W. Oak Street, $37,500.
• 7-3-12 Charles S. Tester to Stacy Rutledge, 23350 West Trowbridge Road, $35,000.
• 7-5-12 Howard L. Hart Sr. and Elfriede Hart to Daniel J. and Kacie L. Drummond, 22615 W. Front St., $8,000.

Carroll Township
• 7-6-12 Barbara J. Gresh to Thomas A. and Elizabeth A. Thompson, 11415 W. Toussaint East Road, $170,000.

Clay Township
• 7-3-12 Bonnie J. Grosjean to JJV, LLC and Joseph R. Verb II and Deborah R. Verb, 2858 N. Downing, $90,000.
• 7-5-12 Carl G. Miller to Robert L. Wilson, 323 S. Fulkert Road, $145,000.

Genoa Corp.
• 7-6-12 Craig L. and Karen L. Dunn to Chad Hornyall and Heather nino, 105 E. Fifth St., $89,000.

Catawba Township
• 7-2-12 James M. Nunley to Thomas M. Nunley, 5474 Eastview Lane, $32,500.
• 7-2-12 James F. and Joanne Sistek to Christopher J. and Claire J. Damschen, 3641 North Karwood Drive, $239,900.
• 7-5-12 Rita M. Connelly to Jody W. and Laura Reece, 1859 NE Catawba Road No. 153, $61,390.
• 7-6-12 Beach Towne LLC to William A. and Barbara M. Mustee, 3093 N. Beach Towne Court, $285,000.
• 7-6-12 CIC Properties LLC to Daniel J. and Mary Catherine Ramella, 4489 E. Harbors Edge Drive, $380,000.

Danbury Township
• 7-2-12 Roberta Lynn Redfern to George W. Boston III, 312 Alpine Drive, $130,000.

Marblehead Corp
• 7-6-12 Jeffrey A. and Nancy L. Hughes to Laszlo G. and Kyra B. Kulin, 10654 E. Bayshore Road No. 98, $250,000.
• 7-6-12 The Old Fort Banking Company to Amjad and Randa Soussou, 810 E. Main St., Unit L2C, $215,000.
• 7-6-12 The Old Fort Banking Company to Elenor Jean Shaeffer, 810 E. Main St., L2B/G5, $205,000.

Elmore Corp.
• 7-2-12 Thelma V. Lucas to Winnie M. Chasten, 260 Jackson St., $89,000.

Portage Township
• 7-6-12 Gary and Victoria Romey to Emmett and Rosemary Hankered, 2303 Sand Road, $440,000.

Port Clinton City
• 7-3-12 Leighton Limited Partnership to Amy A. Skojac, 329 Jefferson St., $77,450.
• 7-6-12 Michael and Lorna Garber to Robert and Barbara Wimmers, 711 W. Lakeshore Drive, #307, $140,000.

Oak Harbor Corp
• 7-6-12 Rex Rutledge to Jenilee Biehler, 222 Finke Road, $88,000.

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