— Week ending Dec. 2

Allen Township
• 12-2-11 Fannie Mae to Thomas Lajti, 22621 W. Toledo St., $49,900.

Genoa Corp.

• 11-28-11 Paul H. Champion, David L. and Margaret L. Champion to Franklin Sting Sr. and Shirley M. Sting, 205 S. Main St., $28,600.
• 11-30-11 Penney S. Abbott to Ross W. Abbott II, 112 Washington St., $28,950.
• 12-2-11 Croghan Colonial Bank to Michael J. Murawski and Susan L. Boraggina, Ohio 163, $10,000.

Catawba Township
• 11-29-11 Harbor’s Edge Development II to David A. and Carmel A. Schilling, 4727 Tradewinds Drive, $360,000.
• 12-1-11 David R. and Cynthia A. Obergefell to Kory O. and Abigail Rivera, 3664 E. Walnut Grove, $250,000.
• 12-2-11 D. Lee and Sara Johnson to Sunshine Land II, LLC, 2740 B Canterbury Circle, $250,000.
• 12-2-11 Pelton Design & Constuction Ltd., to Third Federal Savings & Loan, $50,000.

Danbury Township
• 11-29-11 Lenore J. Gerschutz to Henry M. Gerschutz et al, 150 N. Bedford, part interest $45,000.
• 11-30-11 Louisville Title to Carol E. Radebaugh, 21475 S. Harbor Bay Drive, $45,000.
• 12-1-11 Karen A. Ruth to Michael a. and Lori K. Youngberg, 250 N. Margaret Drive, $152,500.

Erie Township

• 12-1-11 Charles R. Shortridge to Marvin Shepard, 1976 N. Ash St., $36,000.

Elmore Corp.
• 12-1-11 Donald S. Weiss to Joseph L.M. and Marsha R. Schettine , 423 Jackson St., $119,000.
• 12-2-11 Brian G. and Jessie L. Homer to Doreen Kirk, 348 Fourth St., $82,000.

Port Clinton City

• 12-2-11 William and Darleen VanDerGiessen to Barbara Jo Araguz, 518 Laurel Ave., $41,500.
• 12-2-11 Christine Slater to US Bank National Association, 1001 E. Third St., $24,000.

Middle Bass
• 11-29-11 Stanley E. Gebhardt to Donald R. and Mary L. Steinbauer, 1784 N. Shore, $70,000.

Oak Harbor Corp
• 12-1-11 Fern D. Baumgartner to K&B Rentals, of Oak Harbor, LLC, 117 Jefferson, $46,000.
• 12-2-11 Heather M. and Benjamin S. Cantwell to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 510 N. Church St., $80,000.

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