Danbury spring sports awards

Danbury High School honored their 2013 spring sports athletes on May 28. Awards presented were as follows:

Certificates: Racheal Kirk & Hunter Erfman
1st Year Letter: Sam Puckett, Alyx Perram, Taylor Irwin, Amber Sypherd, & Heather Spears
2nd Year Letter: ElissaRae Barrere, Kylah Mackall, & Taylor Zelms
3rd Year Letter: Cassidy Rhodes, Engelica Cichocki, & Evelynn Hermiller   

Top Offensive Player: Kylah Mackall   
Top Defensive Player: Engelica Cichocki   
Coaches Award: Evelyn Hermiller       
Laker Award: ElissaRae Barrere

2nd Team All-TAAC: Engelica Cichocki
TAAC Honorable Mention: Evelyn Hermiller & ElissaRae Barrere   

Certificates: Devin Thompson & Donnie McCune
1st Year Letter: Dylan Menier, Tyler Dray, Alec Calton, Ryan Chapman, Taylon Molnar, Shay Rickard, Mike Stys, Jack Tyson, & Austin Buchanan
2nd Year Letter: Chase Botson
4th Year Letter: Zach Kalinoski

Laker Award: Mike Stys       
Most Improved Award: Taylon Molnar   
Utility Player of the Year: Austin Buchanan
Top Offensive Player: Chase Botson

1st Team All-TAAC: Chase Botson                       
TAAC Honorable Mention: Zach Kalinoski

Girls’ Track & Field:
Certificates: Jetta Gerber, Ciarra Bly, & Gina Moravec
1st Year Letter: Alexis Dayton, Shelby Edwards, & Bri Adams
2nd Year Letter: Alexis Williams, Tori Wright, Lauren Kalinoski, & Megan Stephens
3rd Year Letter: Alyssa Almendinger, Katie Almendinger, Erin Lavelle, Lindsay Mark, Andrea Dodd, & Mollie Knighton   
4th Year Letter: Kelsey Clemons

Coaches Award: Alyssa Almendinger
Most Improved: Mollie Knighton   
Most Points: Tori Wright           
Rookie of the Year: Alexis Dayton   

TAAC First Team: Tori Wright (Discus) & Katie Almendinger (Pole Vault)   
TAAC Second Team: Tori Wright (Shot Put), Alexis Dayton (Pole Vault), & Alyssa Almendinger (100M Hurdles)       
TAAC Honorable Mention: Lindsay Mark (100M Hurdles)

Boys’ Track & Field:
Certificates: Marcus Funderwhite
1st Year Letter: Caleb Gerber, David Gast, Eden Flynn, & Tyler Waggoner     
2nd Year Letter: Austyn Morin, James Dorko, & Tyler Arquette
3rd  Year Letter: Cody German & Jonathan McClellan   

Coaches Award: Cody German       
Most Improved: Austyn Morin       
Most Points: James Dorko   
Rookie of the Year: Caleb Gerber   

TAAC First Team: James Dorko (Pole Vault)   
TAAC Second Team: James Dorko (110M Hurdles)   
TAAC Honorable Mention: Austyn Morin (Discus) & Cody German (110M Hurdles & 300M Hurdles)

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