Port Clinton High School Fall Sports Awards Program

Port Clinton High School held their annual Fall Sports Awards Program on Thursday, Nov. 7. Student athletes, parents and coaches gathered in the PCHS Performing Arts Center to recognize to student-athletes that earned All-SBC or All-District Honors and also SBC All-Academic Awards. Afterward, each team had their own breakout sessions or a separate program to present the following special awards.  

Boys Golf:  MVP - Joey Kurtz (12), Shane Meek (11); Captains Award - Joey Kurtz (12), Shane Meek (11); Coaches Award - Steven Kast (10); Sportsmanship Award - Anthony Paradiso (9); Most Improved Award - Mitchell Mueller (10).

Girls Golf: MVP - Morgan Hazzard (10); Most Improved Ashley Householder (10)

Volleyball:  Ericka Castillo, Senior - Redskin Award for Outstanding Leadership; Sydney Alexander, Sophomore - Redskin Award for Outstanding Work Ethic, SBC Honorable Mention; Hannah Sarty, Senior - Offensive Player of the Year; Marissa Day, Sophomore - Defensive Player of the Yea, SBC Honorable Mention, also tied the 2nd place record for blocks in a season with 32.

Tennis:  MVP - Kelsey Dietrich (10); Coaches Awards - Tiffany Colston (12) & Morgan McGlothlin (12)

Rookie of the Year - Alyssa Krupp (9); Sportsmanship Award - Libby Showalter (11); Most Improved - Taylor Steyer (10); Captains Awards - Tiffany Colston (12) & Morgan McGlothlin (12); JV Sportsmanship Award - Shannon Gardner-Pumphrey (12).

Boys Soccer:  Offensive MVP- Simon Schulz; Defensive MVP - Carter Rumball; Chieftain Award - Chris Weaver; Most Improved Player-  Chris Weaver & Matt Winke; Golden Boot - Simon Schulz.

Girls Soccer:  Offensive MVP - Shelby Gerwin & Miranda Herevia; Defensive MVP - Kathryn Mueller; 

Chieftain Award -  Sammy Schroeder; Most Improved Player - Natalie Gottron; Golden Boot -  Miranda Herevia.

Girls Cross Country:  Claire Zielinski (12) Captain, Most Valuable Runner, Coaches Award; Hannah Weaver (12) Captain Award;  Kayleigh Householder (12) Captains Award.

Football:  Brandon Moore (10) – Most Improved Offensive Skill; Jesse Escobedo (11) – Captain Award; Nathan Stubblefield (10) – Special Teamer, White Helmet Award (Offensive Player of the Year); Keegan Lowe (11) – Devin Kohlman Courage Award; Corey Beal (12) – Captain Award, Most Improved Defensive Skill; Tristen Mallory  (11) – Red Jersey Award ( Defensive Player of the Year); John Morton (11) – 12th Man Award; Andrew Cline (11) – Captain Award; Cameron Rodriguez (12) – Most Improved Defensive Lineman; Trenton Williams (10) – Most Improved Offensive Lineman; Brock Moore (12) – Redskin Sportsmanship Award.

Varsity Letter Winners

Boys Golf:   4th year Letter - Joey Kurtz; 3rd year letter - Shane Meek;  2nd year letter - Austin Krupp, Mitchell Mueller;  1st year letter - Ashton Barton, Anthony Paradiso.

Girls Golf:  2nd year letter - Allison Cline, Maddison Cole, Morgan Hazzard, Emily Shaw;  !st year letter - Hailey Marez, Ashley Householder.

Girls Soccer:  3rd year letter - Shelby Gerwin, Sammy Schroeder, Gracey Stewart;  2nd year letter - Kayla Armendariz, Sammy Schroeder, Emily Ashley, Ashtyn Baney, Evelyn Gillman, Miranda Herevia, Baleigh Limestahl, Abby Waite; 1st year letter - Kayleigh Householder, Hannah Kneisley, Kathryn Mueller, Jasmine Garcia, Olivia Heckerd, Haley Klima, Natalie Gottron, Taylor Rollins.

Boys Soccer:  3rd year letter - Black Clemons, Jake Depner, Ben Heminger, Marcus Hogan, Alec Ochs, Carter Rumball, 2nd year letter - Ryan Norgard, Jimmy Olsen, Will Mercurio, Josh Brown, Jacob Gottron, Jake Gulas, Logan Hepp, Tytan Rumball, Nathan Stubblefield, Logan Willoughby ; 1st year letter - Simon Schultz, Chris Weaver, Daniel Gardner, Matt Winke, Thomas Keville, Alex St. Leger, Seth Taylor.

Girls Cross Country:  3rd year letter - Claire Zielinski, Kayleigh Householder, Kennedy Gulas, Hannah Weaver; 2nd year letter - Gabby Camerato, Kaitlyn Koebel;  1st year letter - Rachel Reineck, Courtney Koebel.

Boys Cross Country:  3rd year letter - Ty Gallogly, David Leone, Nick Reineck;  2nd year letter - Michael Leone, Collin Rider ; 1st year letter - Reinis Fisers, Logan Pratt.

Cheerleading:  3rd year letter - Kelly Althaus; 2nd year letter - Morgan Donahue, Eryn Nason, Toni Jones, Lauren Wheeler ; 1st year letter - Jennifer Salazar, Ashlynn Slauterbeck, 

Girls Tennis:  4th year letter - Morgan McGlothlin; 3rd year letter - Tiffany Colston;  2nd year letter - Erin Binder, Kelsey Dietrich, Molly Haberman, Libby Showalter, Taylor Steyer; 1st year letter - Alyssa Krupp.

Volleyball:  3rd year letter - Hannah Sarty, Ericka Castillo; 2nd year letter - Allie Schroeder, Taylor Zink, Marissa Day; 1st year letter -  Sydney Alexander, Melanie Payne, Morrisa Mallory.

Football: 1st year letter - Jack Warner, Cole Araguz, Brandon Moore, Aiden Rospert, Nathan Stubblefield,  Preston Keck, Emerson Lowe, Zach Kokinda, Cal Laurel, John Morton, Dustin Searight, Stone Scott, Eric Wheeler, Cameron Rodriguez, Logan Harnisch, Collin Salyers, Will Rollins, Trenton Williams;  2nd year letter - Noah Cross, Stephan Daniels, Jesse Escobedo, Keegan Lowe, Jay Greider, Jordan Kleinhans, Corey Beal, Tristen Mallory, Shane York, Andrew Cline;  3rd year letter - Brock Moore.

JV Letter Winners

Boys Golf - Collin Schmitt, Steven Kast, Dean Colston, Austin Vargas

Girls Golf – Emily Reineck, Alexis Gabel, Seli Rangel

Girls Cross Country - Natalie Stitak

Cheerleading:  Camerin Witte, Maranda Santoya, Lydia Bacon, Macey Meacham, Haley Klima, Alex Suter, Bethany Urban.

Girls Tennis: Madi Baxter, Alexis Cash, Shannon Gardner-Pumphrey, Meghan Gallogly, Jasmin Jordanland, Emma Young.

Volleyball:  Tarrynn Edgefield, Ebony Kleinhans, Abigail Wuersig, Katelyn Wammes, Ciara Bozman, Chloe Cook, Ellen Walters, Kate Fontana, Asha Guerra, Abbey Weldon.

Football:  Spencer Wadsworth, Cole Mayle, Tristan Auxter, Cameron Sherry, David Saunders, Michael Wilkins, Kalob Wylie, Cory Smith, Nick Fontana.

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