Catawba Island News

The Vineyard opens gift shop

The Go-Getters group at The Vineyard on Catawba retirement community would like to invite the public to come visit the new gift shop just off the Gathering Room in the Concord Apartments on the campus of The Vineyard. This attractive, new shop offers for sale items handmade by residents of The Vineyard along with home decor, garden accents, hand-crafted jewelry, accessories, greeting cards, and more.

The shop will be open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Please feel free to come browse the selection of beautiful items. All sales benefit the Go-Getters group, which sponsors events such as meals and special programs for the residents of The Vineyard on Catawba.


Catawba Island Lighted Buoy 1 to be discontinued

Editor’s note: In the May 22 edition of The Beacon, it was printed that the Catawba Marker Buoy off the northeast corner of Catawba Island was up for review to be removed. I was contacted by Doug Sharp of the United States Coast Guard correcting this information:

The buoy that the US Coast Guard is advertising to permanently discontinue is called Catawba Island Lighted Buoy 1. It can be found in Volume VII of the Great Lakes Light List. The buoys list number is 5835.

The buoy is located one half mile west of Moore Point on the west shore of Catawba Island. On the above map the buoy to be discontinued is circled in orange.


Miller Ferry going green

Over the Fourth of July weekend, most passengers aboard the Miller Ferry showed off the familiar red, white and blue showcasing their patriotism.  The actual ferry boat itself however, will be showing off quite a different color: Green. 

In an effort to make their fleet more energy efficient and lower emissions, Miller Boat Line is proud to announce that they will now be using a 10% biofuel blend in two of their passenger/vehicle ferries hoping to someday increase that ferry number to four. 

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