A new day dawns for emergency services in Danbury Township

Danbury Township has experienced a strong and continuous record of outstanding property and life-saving service since the organization of the Marblehead Volunteer Fire Department in 1895 and the Lakeside Volunteer Fire Protective Association in 1905. On March 13, a century-plus history of contracting with these two departments came to consolidation with the formation of The Danbury Township Fire Department. 

Trustees Charles Scott, David Hirt and Dianne Rozak unanimously agreed to a resolution to create the merged department with an effective date of July 1for full operational implementation. This positive combination of resources will continue to offer the same dedicated, professional level of service that residents and visitors on the Marblehead Peninsula have come to expect and appreciate. 

The trustees have appointed Marblehead Fire Chief Doug Waugh as Interim Chief to oversee the merger process. Chief Waugh stated, “I am extremely pleased to be a part of this momentous undertaking. I have found that our community has been blessed to have so many dedicated people serving us. Through two years of dedicated work, we have found that we are able to merge our four entities (Lakeside Volunteer Fire Protective Association, Marblehead Volunteer Fire Department, Village of Marblehead Council and Mayor, and Danbury Township) into a unified Fire and EMS department. All of our personnel have put forth an untold effort to streamline and enhance our public service to all of the residents of Danbury Township. We are all very grateful to be a part of this historical undertaking. We look forward to continuing our services to the community in a highly efficient and unified department of which we can all be proud.” 

Ed Cochenour, Chief of the Lakeside Volunteer Fire Department and Gary Deerhake, fire fighter and President of the Lakeside Volunteer Fire Protective Association, collectively said, “Thank you to our Township Trustees for the opportunity to operate entirely as one department in Danbury Township. We will now be able to more efficiently administer and manage the equipment, buildings, personal, recruitment, training and the changing to a full-time/part-time EMS. We look forward to volunteering in the new Danbury Township Fire Department.”

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