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My personal thanks to all who turned out, or wanted to, for last Thursday’s PC Chamber Business After Hours at the 1812 Restaurant in the Island House. According to Laura Schlachter at the Chamber, they counted 110 business cards turned in for registration, but the estimate of the number attending was well over that. The event was our official observance of the 30th Anniversary of The Beacon. As I said in my little speech that night, “every face is a memory”. We won’t officially observe our 30th until next week.

Ash Wednesday was (is) Wednesday, Feb. 13. This is a great time of year for all of you fish lovers. The Port Clinton Knights of Columbus and the folks at St. Boniface Catholic Church in Oak Harbor will be hosting fish fries every Friday during Lent. The Port Clinton K of C will hold theirs from 5 to 7:30 at Denny Bergeman Hall, 109 E Perry Street, featuring Lake Erie Perch, shrimp and ALL YOU CAN EAT Pollock Dinners with all the fixings. Desserts are also available. At St. Boniface, the dinners will be from 4-7 p.m. featuring fried or baked fish, and all the fixings. Price for adults is $8, children ages 6-12 are $5, and kids under 5 eat free.  Carryouts are available.

Our Find Wylie winner for this week is Holly Arnold from Catawba. She was one of 142 entries who found our friendly fish hiding in the ad for Slater’s on page 7A in last week’s Beacon.  Holly wins our weekly $20 gift card from Friendship Food Stores. We’ll be hiding Wylie again this week. If you find him, drop off an entry form at our office in the Beacon Place Business Center or click on the Find Wylie Icon at our website,

They laid former Port Clinton Police Chief Henry Jacoby to rest on Tuesday. Hank was a “Cop’s Cop”. The officers who served under him loved and respected him. He drove former mayor John Fritz crazy because he always wore a suit to work instead of a police uniform. We often butted heads on how he controlled the information that his department released to the news media. That became a particular issue with the flooding and high water problems in the early 1970s. I also can now tell this story, now that all of the principals have passed on. When he was being interviewed for Chief of Police in Port Clinton by then Mayor Gordon Cooper, he cautioned Gordon that if he got hired, he would enforce the law … PERIOD! That meant going after Port Clinton’s infamous house of ill-repute, Rosies. Gordon hired him anyway, and it wasn’t that long after that he made good on his promise. Like I said, he was a “Cop’s Cop”, and a genuinely nice man.

The Danbury High School National Honor Society will be hosting a bake sale at the last boys’ basketball game on Friday, Feb. 15. They will also be raising money for the American Heart Association for Heart Awareness Week by selling T-Shirts for $10.

On Thursday, Feb. 21, the Oak Harbor Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a free seminar on Consumer Law Updates from  noon to 1 p.m. The presenter will look at advertising guidelines, cancellation rights of consumers, the Deposit Rule, door-to-door sales, and refund policies plus much more. The seminar is free to Chamber members, and $10 for non members. The seminar will be held at the Ottawa County Improvement Corporation, east of Oak Harbor on State Route 163. RSVPs are requested by calling Valerie Winterfield at 419-898-0479 or email the chamber at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Feb.15.

Today is Valentine’s Day, so don’t forget to do something special for your special person. That includes me!!!

The Ottawa County Genealogical Society will meet this coming Tuesday, Feb. 19, at 7 p.m. at the Ida Rupp Public Library in Port Clinton. Jennifer Fording of the Harris-Elmore Public Library will present the program about genealogical materials available at the Harris-Elmore Library. All members and guests are invited.

The State of Ohio Mobile Computer Lab is coming to the Danbury Senior Center for a full range of computer classes now through Saturday, Feb. 16. Classes include: iPad Basics, MS Word, iCloud, Facebook, Pinterest, Genealogy 101, and a special class titled “Outsmarting Investor Fraud”. For more information, call the Ida Rupp Public Library at 419-732-3212 to register.

Fall in love with online scrapbooking, and join a class to create your own two-page layouts faster, simpler and easier.  Learn the basics of Close to My Heart’s online design software.  Date and time: Feb. 20, 2013 at 6 p.m.  Call the Ida Rupp Public Library at 419-732-3212 to register.

For all those of you who live in the west side of Port Clinton, don’t forget the Conestoga West End Project meeting this coming Wednesday, Feb. 20, starting at 6 p.m. at the new Bataan School cafeteria. The group meets the third Wednesday of each month.

Attention all adults Girl Scout program leaders, past and present. You are asked to “Save the Date” of Sunday, March 10, at 10:30 a.m. for a special gathering at St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church in Oak Harbor. Following the service there will be an informal reception upstairs in the Social Room (an elevator is available). For more information, contact Vicki Wahlers at 419-898-5140 or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Ok, it is New Years, so it is time once again for The Great Swami (otherwise known as your slightly cynical Beacon Newspaper Publisher) to predict what Ottawa County will look like in the year 2023. Just having a little fun, ok?

January 2023 – Ottawa County Commissioner Vince Leone, former Mayor of Port Clinton, is sworn in and immediately announces his retirement. He is instantly re-appointed to his full term so he may collect his full pension and his full salary. The Walleye Drop again draws 10,000 revelers in the Jet Express parking lot just south of the Portage River Drawbridge. Once again, Nashville performers highlight the evening with a few songs, having come from another gala evening at The Listening Room, no located at the rear of Great Lakes Popcorn Company (formerly Mango Mamas).

February 2023 – Ottawa County Auditor, Larry Hartlaub announces his resignation, but is immediately re-instated by the Democratic Central Committee. He will collect his full pension plus his salary. Ageless quarterback Brandon Weedon leads the Cleveland Browns to their 5th straight Super Bowl win over Braxton Miller’s Dallas Cowboys. Coach Josh McDaniel calls it a “win for the ages”!

  March 2023 – Ottawa County Transportation Director, Bill Lowe announces his resignation as head of OCTA. He is re-appointed by the County Commissioners and will receive his full salary plus his full pension. Marblehead Mayor Bernie Kosar objects to the whole thing, but asks only for more public transportation on the Peninsula.

   April 2023 – Ottawa County Prosecuting Attorney Adrian Hines announces her resignation from the post. She is reinstated by the Ottawa County Democratic Central Committee so she can continue to receive here salary plus her pension. Thanks to the overpopulation of Asian Carp, the walleye population flourishes with big hatches since 2020. It seems that Asian Carp babies are the favorite food of young walleye. Ohio Department of Natural Resources Director, Don Clemons says that the belief that Asian Carp would be a detriment to the Lake have been proven wrong.

  May 2023 – Port Clinton Mayor Rick Noderer announces his resignation and is immediately re-appointed by the Ottawa County Democratic Central Committee. Mayor Noderer then announces his initiative to develop Waterworks Park and turn it into a parking garage for the ever-growing Jet Express traffic to Put-in-Bay. In mid month, Waterworks Park is flooded by high water. The homes on Perry Street are saved by the dikes in the marsh put there by former Mayor John Fritz.

 June 2023 – Ottawa County Recorder Virginia Park announces her retirement and says, “This time I mean it!” The County Commissioners decide to close the office and transfer the functions over to the Auditor’s office. The Miller Boat Line christens the SS Julene Market, the first hovercraft on Lake Erie. The 250’ vessel no longer needs a dock and can now pick up passengers at the top of the hills, both on Catawba and South Bass Island. Because it is oblivious to ice, it can now operate ferry service 12 months a year.

  July 2023 – Ottawa County Treasurer, Bob Hille announces his resignation saying... “I mean it this time!” Sounds familiar? Darrel Opfer is appointed as new County Treasurer. The biggest tourism attraction in Ottawa County in 2023 is the Liberty Aviation Museum. Thanks to the expansion of the Port Clinton Airport, the Museum is now home to three B-17s, four B-52s, six Stealth bombers, and 10 F-22s that were mothballed after the fiscal cliff collapse of 2013.

  August 2023 – Port Clinton Auditor Cole Hatfield announces his resignation, and is instantly reinstated by the Democratic Central Committee so he can continue to collect his salary and his pension. Thanks in large measure to the heavy rains caused by global climate change, the western basin of Lake Erie is again plagued by giant algae blooms. Twenty US Naval Vessels, including the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz, visit Port Clinton to prepare for the Tall Ships Festival. They came at the request of the Liberty Air Museum. Catawba’s Ramon Eickert shocks the world winning the 2023 I-LYA Regatta in his Volvo 70, COQUI. On the way back to Port Clinton, COQUI runs aground on the crib off Port Clinton Yacht Club. She is not salvageable.

  September 2023 – The 2023 Tall Ships Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary, as over 100,000 visitors flock to the Port Clinton waterfront for tours. Lake Erie Shores and Islands Director Debbie Hymore-Tester says that she knew it all the time that this event would be wonderful. Immediately after the Festival, she announces her resignation, which is accepted by her board of directors, who immediately reinstate her into the position so she can collect her pension and salary.

  October 2023 – Port Clinton Councilwoman, Debra Benko, announces that she has been in contact with Donald Trump to develop Waterworks Park, but is rebuffed by Mayor Noderer who promises to veto the measure if it is passed by Council. In anger, she resigns from City Council, but is immediately reinstated by the Democratic Central Committee.

  November 2023 – Chris Redfern wins re-election for a 4th time to serve Ohio’s 9th District in the U.S. Congress. He promises to find a way to re-vitalize the economy that has been in recession since 2013 when the U.S. government drove the country off the fiscal cliff. Before he is to take office, he resigns, but is reinstated by the combined Democratic Central Committees of Lucas, Ottawa, Lorain, Erie and Cuyahoga Counties.

  December 2023 – Amazingly, no public official in Ottawa County resigns! Coach Gary Quisno leads the Port Clinton Redskin football team to its first ever Ohio High School Division V State Championship. If you believe any of this stuff, I have a bridge to sell you in Alaska! Happy New Year! –Swami


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