Don't give up the flags, replace them with PC power

Now that all of the celebration of the Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial is finally over, somebody gave me a thought. Many certainly noticed the proliferation of “DON’T GIVE UP THE SHIP” flags flying throughout Port Clinton. How about we replace those flags with the red “PC” flags and fly them in the windows of all of the businesses in town! Cindy Bolte of Bolte Real Estate and Insurance told me that she would buy them. The idea is that when visitors come through town, they will see a lot of PC flags flying indicating a significant amount of community pride. Good idea???

I received a lot of comments about the photos of the Battle reenactment on the front page of last week’s Beacon. As you know, we are limited by space in the paper. We have unlimited space on our website, Our editor Donna Lueke indicated that the photo galleries online will remain up for a while. If you would like keep the Battle of Lake Erie in your memory forever and want to purchase copies of any of the photographs, just call the office at 419-732-2154. We will be selling 8’ x 10” prints for $8 each. Donna and Jasmine Cupp were on different boats taking pictures of the battle, and did an absolutely tremendous job. 

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