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Northern Exposure Gallery and Candle Co.

26-11-2015 Hits:165

Kelly and Billy Rigoni in their shop, Northern Exposure Gallery and Candle Co.Located in downtown Port Clinton, Northern Exposure Gallery and Candle Co. is owned and operated by Billy and...

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Oak Harbor Rotary Club makes delivery to…

25-11-2015 Hits:246

On Wednesday, November 18, the Oak Harbor Rotary Club hand-delivered dictionaries to each of the third grade students and teachers at R.C. Waters Elementary School. In addition to being a...

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Part 2 of Planning and Development econo…

24-11-2015 Hits:365

Seated facing (L to R) are Port Clinton City Councilmen Trish McCartney, Gabe Below and Nicole DeFreitas. Port Clinton citizen John Rich (in the red shirt) was expressing his vision...

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Small Business Saturday

Oak Harbor Parade of Trees

A time honored holiday tradition, Christmas Trees on Parade sponsored by the Oak Harbor Area Chamber of Commerce, will light up the town again this year. Friends, family, businesses and organizations are invited to sponsor a tree as a memorial, an honorary gift or a seasonal greeting. A sign will be placed at each tree displaying the special message and the sponsor. All proceeds help to fund the Olde Fashioned Christmas Celebration.


Big plays carry Redskins to victory over rival Rockets 48-21

Port Clinton fans "We are PC". Photos by Cari Rogers

There was a lot of pre-game talk in the press box prior to the 83rd meeting between the Port Clinton Redskins and the Oak Harbor Rockets.  Bill Tuttamore of WPCR Radio suggested the game would be “PC lightning vs OH thunder.” The lightning came on the first play from scrimmage. The Redskins lined up QB Brandon Moore in the shotgun with Emerson Lowe to his right, Nathan Stubblefield to his left, and Aiden Rospert at split end wide to the left. Moore took the snap, handed to Stubblefield and he headed for the right sidelines. The All-Ohio back was quickly pursued by the Rocket defense, but before they could reach him Stubblefield pulled up and looked to throw the ball. The Rockets were so intent on stopping Stubblefield they were unaware of Rospert running a backside post all alone. Stubblefield threw a perfect strike to the streaking Rospert for a 64 yard touchdown only 14 seconds into the game.


Latta and Arndt visit Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge

Congressman Bob Latta (L) with Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge Manager Jason Lewis (R).

Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green), toured the U.S. Fish and Wildlife’s Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge in Oak Harbor last week. Latta, joined by State Rep. Steve Arndt (R-Port Clinton), met with Refuge Manager Jason Lewis to tour the facility, and learn about the agency’s role in addressing Lake Erie water quality by creating and conserving wetlands.

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