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Northern Exposure Gallery and Candle Co.

26-11-2015 Hits:160

Kelly and Billy Rigoni in their shop, Northern Exposure Gallery and Candle Co.Located in downtown Port Clinton, Northern Exposure Gallery and Candle Co. is owned and operated by Billy and...

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Oak Harbor Rotary Club makes delivery to…

25-11-2015 Hits:240

On Wednesday, November 18, the Oak Harbor Rotary Club hand-delivered dictionaries to each of the third grade students and teachers at R.C. Waters Elementary School. In addition to being a...

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Part 2 of Planning and Development econo…

24-11-2015 Hits:363

Seated facing (L to R) are Port Clinton City Councilmen Trish McCartney, Gabe Below and Nicole DeFreitas. Port Clinton citizen John Rich (in the red shirt) was expressing his vision...

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Small Business Saturday

To the residents of Oak Harbor

I would like to say thank you to each and every voter who turned out on November 3 to vote. For the first time in many years you all were able to make a choice as to whom you wanted to represent you as Mayor and I am forever in your debt for selecting me. In the past many months there has been more buzz and talk about our village, what is going on in it and where we hope it will go. Now we have that answer. It is my goal to move our village forward and ensure that it is prepared to receive our future generations, so that they may flourish and succeed here as many of us have.


A real football player

Pictured here is R.C. Waters Elementary 1st Grade Student Charlie Hablitzel who was given the honor of running onto the field and picking up the kick-off tee in the first half of the game between the Cleveland Browns and Arizona Cardinals at First Energy Stadium in Cleveland on November.

When asked about the experience, Charlie said that "I felt like a real football player."

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