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Fishing on the up side

02-08-2015 Hits:102

Fishing on the up side

Doug and Lori Brown owners/partners at Channel Grove Marina with daughter Morgan Brown and friend Joe Strippoli caught these Walleye with Capt. Erik Bosley on Eye Hunter II.The 2015 Lake...

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Special meeting pulls 6-1 vote for ballo…

31-07-2015 Hits:330

Special meeting pulls 6-1 vote for ballot ordinance

On Thursday, July 30, Port Clinton City Council held a special meeting at 6:30 p.m. in the council chambers. The meeting was held especially for council to discuss the second...

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Catawba Peach and Wine Festival

30-07-2015 Hits:270

Catawba Peach and Wine Festival

Peach harvest from 1914.Most area residents know of the great history of peaches growing in the Catawba Island area.  Few, however, realize the importance of this particular year as it...

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Tim Belden advances to US Open Sectional Qualifier

With our national golf championship rapidly approaching, approximately half of the 156 spots in the U.S. Open final field remain available to those who have advanced beyond local qualifying.  Nearly 10,000 golfers with a USGA Handicap Index of 1.4 or less began the challenge of reaching the U.S. Open championship at Chambers Bay in Tacoma, Washington, through 111 local qualifying sites across the globe during May.


United Way Golf Experience

The United Way of Ottawa County has created something unique and fun that will serve to bring the county together and support worthy causes: the United Way in Ottawa County Golf Experience 2015. A team of volunteers has coordinated with four courses across Ottawa County to create formats and a participation strategy that will be both affordable and worthwhile for the residents of Ottawa County.


Catawba Island Club hosts U.S. Open qualifier

On Tuesday May 12, the Catawba Island Club will serve as the host sit for Local Stage 1 qualifying for the 2015 U.S. Open at Chambers Bay Golf Course outside of Tacoma Washington June 18-21.  CIC is one of 111 sites in the United States.

A total of 9,882 entries were accepted by the USGA.  Entrants, both amateur and professional, must have a Handicap Index® not exceeding 1.4.  There will be 3 players moving on to a 36 hole sectional qualifying conducted on May 25 at two internal sites (Japan and England) and 10-sites across the U.S.

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