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Egret tree

04-08-2015 Hits:98

Egret tree

Egrets sitting in the trees along Salem Carroll Rd. in Oak Harbor close to sunset.

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Fishing on the up side

02-08-2015 Hits:177

Fishing on the up side

Doug and Lori Brown owners/partners at Channel Grove Marina with daughter Morgan Brown and friend Joe Strippoli caught these Walleye with Capt. Erik Bosley on Eye Hunter II.The 2015 Lake...

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Special meeting pulls 6-1 vote for ballo…

31-07-2015 Hits:383

Special meeting pulls 6-1 vote for ballot ordinance

On Thursday, July 30, Port Clinton City Council held a special meeting at 6:30 p.m. in the council chambers. The meeting was held especially for council to discuss the second...

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World War II on the Lakeside-Marblehead home front

By Linda Huber, LHS Board Member
Ask people what’s special about December 7, 1941 and people may tell you that is when World War II started. In fact, World War II started September 1, 1939 when Germany crossed the Polish border with armored columns and attack aircraft. Within days most of Europe was deeply involved in a conflict that had nations taking up sides for and against Germany. A week after fighting began in Poland, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared a limited national emergency which allowed the recall to active duty of retired Armed Forces regulars. In September 1940 Japan aligned itself with Germany and Italy to become the third of the “Axis” powers. Throughout 1941 the U.S. and Japan were at diplomatic odds with the Japanese rejecting any stipulations being made by the United States. This rejection ultimately led to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor which pushed the United States into becoming a full “Allied” partner with Britain and France against the “Axis” powers of Germany, Italy and Japan.


Pioneer and Primitive Arts Festival

Fort Firelands is hosting their ninth annual Pioneer and Primitive Arts Festival Saturday and Sunday, June 13 and 14, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The festival is free and offers historical and interactive experience for the entire family.


Fireplace cooking demonstration at Wolcott Keeper’s House

Georgette and Ray Machar prepare a dish for the fireplace.

The Wolcott Keeper’s House fireplace will be crowded with kettles of savory dishes for the hearth cooking demonstration this Saturday, June 13, from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m.  The Keeper’s House, at 9999 East Bayshore Road, Marblehead, was home to one of Ottawa County’s first permanent residents, Benajah Wolcott, in the early 1800’s. Trained hearth cooks Ray and Georgette Machar will be cooking dishes typical of those early times on the Keeper’s House restored cooking fireplace, including recipes from their new recipe collection, Cooking from the Hearth.  The booklet contains fire tested recipes, including Jonnycakes and Indian pudding, and more modern recipes like Civil War Idiot’s Delight.  The demonstration is free, and open to all ages.

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