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Oak Harbor Rotary Club makes delivery to…

25-11-2015 Hits:103

On Wednesday, November 18, the Oak Harbor Rotary Club hand-delivered dictionaries to each of the third grade students and teachers at R.C. Waters Elementary School. In addition to being a...

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Part 2 of Planning and Development econo…

24-11-2015 Hits:239

Seated facing (L to R) are Port Clinton City Councilmen Trish McCartney, Gabe Below and Nicole DeFreitas. Port Clinton citizen John Rich (in the red shirt) was expressing his vision...

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Erie-Ottawa International receives Ohio …

24-11-2015 Hits:228

L to R: Senator Randy Gardner, Director of Erie-Ottawa Regional Airport Stan Gebhardt and Representative Steve Arndt. The Erie-Ottawa International Airport has received $639,854 in project funding from the Ohio Department...

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Small Business Saturday

Oak Harbor volleyball defeats Clyde

Oak Harbor volleyball beat Clyde Tuesday night, Sept. 8, 25-23, 17-25. 

Abby Dornbusch lead in assists with 44.  Peyton Bloomer had 21 kills and Ally Bloomer had 11.  Emma Bergman had 27 digs, Athena Eli with 19 and Abby Dornbusch with 17.  Peyton Bloomer lead in kills with 21 and Ally Bloomer with 11.  Peyton Bloomer had 5 blocks (4 solo, 1 block assist) and Logan Harris with 3 solo blocks and 1 block assist.

Oak Harbor is now 3-2 and they play at Danbury on Saturday.


Lady Rockets fall to Huron

Oak Harbor lost to Huron Sept. 3: 17-25, 15-25, 24-26.  Peyton Bloomer lead in kills with 11 and Ally Bloomer added 7. Ally Bloomer and Peyton Bloomer lead in digs both with 11 and Faith Konieczny added 9. Abby Dornbusch had  25 assists. 

Record 2-2 and play Clyde at home on Tuesday.


Oak Harbor defeated by Edison

Oak Harbor Volleyball lost to Edison on Sept. 1: 20-15, 13-25, 17-25. 

Abby Dornbusch had 16 assists, Athena Eli had 9 digs and Peyton Bloomer with 7 digs.   Peyton Bloomer had 13 kills and Peyton Bloomer and Logan Harris with 3 blocks apiece.

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Small Business Saturday

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