Fall Friday in Port Clinton by Donna Lueke

Over 5,000 people were at True-Lay Stadium in Port Clinton on Friday evening.

Many were there to see the football game between the Port Clinton Redskins and the Margaretta Polar Bears. Others were there to see the PCHS and Margaretta and PCHS Alumni bands perform, or to see Port Clinton’s Dr. “Hab” Hablitzel conduct the OSU band. Others were there for the PCHS Alumni All-Class Reunion. Many were there to see the highly-touted “Best Damn Band in the Land”, the Ohio State University Marching Band. Family members, music lovers and football fans were treated to a memorable night.
There was the parade. The late afternoon sun reflected off the polished brass as the OSU band, in precise cadence, followed the high school bands into the stadium. The reverberation of the 225 brass and percussion instruments of the big band could be felt throughout the stadium and the surrounding neighborhoods.
There were reunions within reunions on alumni night and more informal reunions as friends greeted friends in the stands.
There was the famous script Ohio, times two, one for the Port Clinton side, one for Margaretta, and the dotting of the” I” by a sousaphone player, twice.
There was the perfect football weather, sunny late afternoon followed by a cool but pleasant evening complete with full moon.
There were the concerts and precision marching by the OSU band-- pre-game show, half-time show, bands in the stands as smaller ensembles played throughout the game. There were fine and gutsy performances by the PCHS band and Margaretta band, defining “a tough act to follow”. There were combined bands--OSU, Margaretta, Port Clinton and Port Clinton Alumni bands.
There were the bonus acts from Columbus: a big-headed mascot named Brutus Buckeye who held babies and did back-flips; cheerleaders three-high in towers; and two band members, one on the other’s shoulders, who ran around with a giant stuffed banana whenever either team scored.
And there was a football game amongst all the other pageantry, a hard-fought and entertaining football game.
It was a fine and memorable Friday evening in Port Clinton.

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