Magruder Hospital eases patient meningitis concerns

Magruder Hospital and its Pain Management Clinic have received numerous phone calls from patients concerned about a rare form of fungal meningitis reported across the country in patients that have received an epidural steroid injection in the back.

"We have never purchased compounded medications or any product from the New England Compounding Center, which was the source of the outbreak, nor do we use compound products for our steroid treatments," says Nick Marsico, Director of Magruder's Pharmacy. "Plain and simple, there is no risk of this outbreak at Magruder."
Ann Keegan, Director of Magruder's Medical Surgical Department and Infection Control, says the hospital is following the CDC guidelines for daily checks of the outbreak status and recommendations.
"It is important for the public to know that this form of meningitis is not contagious. We are monitoring the outbreak status and recommendations through the CDC and keeping all of our clinicians informed throughout the hospital."

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