PC mayor gives final report

To Port Clinton Residents,
I would like to reflect on what has been accomplished this past year. But First I would like to recognize a couple of very special people. John Folger has served in city government since 2003 and has proven his dedication and commitment spending hours away from his family serving our community. John has been a great asset, serving on Planning and Development, Infrastructure, Finance, Parks and Rec’s, and Rules Laws and Ordinances committees. Thank you John. You will be missed.

Also thanks to Lou Wargo and Dennis Tester, the two men chosen as Port Clinton’s Citizens of the Year for 2011. They have been working hard helping raise money since 2004 on three very important projects moving Port Clinton forward: Derby Pond, Lakeview Park and Port Clinton Fireworks.

2011 Accomplishments
• Safe Routes to Schools — The study has been completed by DGL and submitted to ODOT for their review. Anticipated timeframe for approval is December of 2011. If approved, the City can apply for 100 percent funding to undertake sidewalk and signage improvements in proximity to the school buildings. City officials and school administrators have developed a set of improvements that they feel are necessary and appropriate. The application process is competitive with more requested dollars than those available.
• Second Street Sanitary Sewer Separation — Phase 2 of the combined sewer separation project was completed except for the final grading and seeding which will be undertaken in the spring of 2012. Funded through a loan from the Ohio Water Pollution Control Loan Fund, this project completes the sewer separation activities in the Conestoga neighborhood. The old sanitary sewers were lined and new storm sewers installed. Cost of these activities, including engineering, was about $2,300,000.
• Second Street Waterline — In conjunction with the sewer separation project, a portion of the waterline along Second Street was replaced. While the construction activities were going on, the City determined replacing the waterlines made sense. A loan from the Ohio Water Development Authority was obtained in the amount of $328,000 and will be repaid over 10 years.
• Sixth Street Reconstruction — The Sixth Street reconstruction from Harrison Street to Fulton Street was awarded a Small Cities ODOT grant. The federal grant will pay for 80 percent of the project cost up to a maximum of $1,471,200. Poggemeyer Design Group was hired to undertake the preliminary design. In 2011, the city submitted an application to the Ohio Public Works Commission for a portion of the local share and likely will be awarded $175,000 of Issue 2 funds to help offset the non-federal share of this project. It will involve street reconstruction with some sewer separation work occurring.
• Waterworks Building Demolition — The building that was constructed in the later 1890s was demolished. The funds for this activity were approved by City Council from the city coffers. Once the debris is cleared, the site will be ready for environmental studies.
• WaterWorks Phase 1 & 2 Environmental Studies — Another important step has been taken in preparing the Waterworks site for potential development. Funding has been obtained to undertake a Phase II Environmental Assessment for the former Waterworks building site. With the demolition of the Waterworks building nearing completion, the news from the Ottawa County Commissioners that the study has been funded came at the right time. With the Master Plan complete and the results of the Phase II study, potential developers will now have answers to many of their questions. The consultant for the study will be Soil and Materials Engineers, Inc. and the County’s USEPA Assessment Grant funds will cover the entire cost of the study.
• Oak & Second Street Intersection — The Office of Community Development at the Ohio Department of Development has awarded $30,000 of Community Development Block Grant funds to reconstruct the intersection of Second and Oak Streets. The funds are awarded as a part of Ottawa County’s Block Grant Formula Allocation. This intersection is in dire need of reconstruction as the concrete street has been deteriorating and the manholes need to be repaired. The city tried to get the intersection repaired in the city’s 2010 Street and Alleys allocation, but there was insufficient funds remaining to undertake it at that time. The project will be undertaken in the spring of 2012.
• Second Street Curb and Sidewalks — The city obtained more than $31,000 in Community Development Block Grant funds for curb and sidewalk improvement on Second Street between Jefferson and Madison streets. The worst sidewalks and curbs were repaired and paving brick from Second and Third streets was incorporated into their reconstruction. 
• Fulton Street Reconstruction — Fulton Street from Perry Street to just south of Fourth Street was totally reconstructed. Funded in part from the Ohio Public Works Commission grant of $175,000, loan funds from the Phase 2 sewer separation project funded with Ohio Water Pollution Control Loan dollars and City funds from the Streets, Alleys and Sidewalk fund, this reconstruction paves the way for continued improvements all the way to Magruder Hospital.
• Grant for the Lakeview Park showers in the amount of $3,000
• Repaving of Perry Street between Adam and Washington/Oak streets to the eastern city limits was completed.
• Ohio Public Works Commission has approved the funding for the Sixth Street Project in the amount of $175,000 dollars.
• Stensen Grant in the amount of $20,000 was awarded for Downtown Improvements.
• U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Grant for $25,000 was awarded from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative FY11.
• Passage of the Port Clinton Fire Levy
• Hiring of new police chief and three new sergeants
• Cemeteries — Mausoleum, Landscaping, Directional signs will be installed next year.
• Master Plan/Consensus building seminars were held with Larry Dillion and URS
• Two statues have been purchased and will be installed next year, along with more planters/trash containers.
• Engineering is being completed for the boardwalk along the Preserve.
• Community Garden Project/Community Garden sign which will be installed next year.
• Mulch, trash receptacles and the community garden sign will come out of a grant awarded by the Ottawa, Sandusky, and Seneca Solid Waste District.
• The city is currently in the final stages of entering into a contract with Allied Waste working on having a new automated recycling program and ODOT transportation improvement grant.
• The city of Port Clinton has had ongoing meetings with Costal Management in regards to ownership rights in areas of Waterworks Park. Based on recent findings, the majority of ownership of Waterworks Park is NOT in question.
We have truly made a great impact in our community over the last four years. This is my last report as Mayor of Port Clinton; it has been an extreme honor to serve my community for the last eight years and I will continue to do so. I have worked hard to do so with great enthusiasm, commitment, no personal agenda and I have always tried to keep the best interest of all of the citizens first. Sometimes it is not been easy to have to make the tough decisions.
I would like to personally thank the team I put into place to help make our community what it is today. Rob Berner, my first Safety Service Director, brought his experience here and we hit the ground running. To Tracy Colston, thank you for stepping up to the plate when finding a SSD was becoming a challenge, we worked well together though we didn’t always agree. Eric Petersen is a very hard worker and dedicated employee. Kent Johnson, a man with many hats, serves all of us well and is a great leader of the Fire Department, Walter Wehenkel has made a great impression on me when I came into government and hired him for all the administrative aspects and served on our Board of Review, along with Cindy Bolte and Everett Woodel. George, I know I have been your favorite pest and you will miss that about me! I have always taken your knowledge with me in my decision-making and have grown so much from that. Not only have we worked well together we have become good friends. City Council, Edna and Leah, thank you for your wisdom and vision in helping move Port Clinton forward. My husband Dennis for all your patience, I do know that this has not been easy for you, I love you.
I only have one regret in the past few months on the campaign trail that I did not spend more time with my ailing father. I bid him and you farewell as I close my last report as Mayor of this great city. Thank you.

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