The Reader, the Bell Ringer and the Blanket

By Donna Lueke
The Beacon office received a call this week from a kind-hearted Reader with a unique request. The Port Clinton woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, was talking with a Salvation Army Bell-ringer outside Community Market one day last week.

The Reader asked the Bell-ringer if there was any need for an electric blanket, as she had one to give. The Bell-Ringer said that she would love to have an electric blanket. 
The Reader went home, thought about the Bell-Ringer, and called Salvation Army to offer the blanket to the woman. Since there were many bell-ringers that week, and the kindly Reader could not remember the exact time or day, it was not possible to determine the identity of the Bell Ringer.
The Reader then called the Beacon and asked that we print this request that the Bell-Ringer with the wish for an electric blanket call the Salvation Army to receive her Christmas gift of an electric blanket from a kindly stranger.
Whether the Reader, the Bell-Ringer and Blanket unite or not, our hearts are warmed.

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