Danbury Trustees coordinate memorial fund for Newtown, Connecticut

In the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the Danbury Township Board of Trustees has established a memorial fund at the Marblehead Bank to provide for the purchase and planting of 26 trees and a dedication sign in Newtown, Connecticut.

Trustee Dianne Rozak recommended the establishment of the fund to fellow board members Charles Scott and David Hirt. “The planting of 26 evergreens in Newtown will be a way for us to honor this small town that is a close neighbor to Danbury, Connecticut, for whom our township is named,” stated Rozak.  “Newtown is just 10 miles from Danbury.”

The sign will include the date of the tragedy, the name Danbury Township, Marblehead, Ohio, and the sentence “We will remember with you”. Rozak contacted a garden center in Danbury, Connecticut, to obtain and plant the trees and install the sign once sufficient funds are collected. The actual location of the planting will be done at the guidance of Newtown officials. She hopes to secure $8,000 to complete the project. The sign will be purchased locally and sent to Newtown.

The Danbury Trustees respectfully request the community to provide donations in the name of The Newtown Community Fund. Checks payable to the fund can be dropped off or mailed to the Marblehead Bank at 709 W. Main in downtown Marblehead, their branch office at 259 Bridge Road (SR 269 South), the Danbury Township Police Station at 419 Bridge Road or Danbury Township Hall at 5972 Port Clinton Eastern Road. Township hall also has an after-hours drop box outside the zoning office. The Marblehead Bank will have full responsibility for the management and distribution of all donations. Any funds remaining after the purchase of the trees and sign will be distributed to a relief fund established in Connecticut for the families of the tragedy. Donations will be collected until mid-February.

Trustee Rozak can be reached at (419) 798-4071. Additional contact information for the trustees is located on the township’s website “Everyone I’ve spoken to wants to do something,” said Rozak. “I tried to hold back tears when my contact in Connecticut spoke of people he knows at Sandy Hook school. He told me what we were planning was just a beautiful gesture. These simple trees symbolize continuity of life. I hope they bring a small ray of hope from us to Newtown.”

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