A Merry Christmas in the Conestoga West End

On Sunday, Dec. 23, Lee Horne, Mayor of Port Clinton Vince Leone and his wife Suzi, Chief of Police Rob Hickman and his wife Roseann and John L. Sullivan handed out gifts in the Conestoga West End of Port Clinton. Horne has wanted to do this project for several years. This year he found the support to make his wish come true and enrich the Christmas of many children.

There were donations of toys and funds from the Conestoga West End, from Port Clinton citizens and from Maureen Saponari of the Salvation Army. There were baby dolls and Barbie dolls, basketball hoops and trucks, hat and mitten sets, games, sleds and more. The unwrapped gifts were bagged and labeled according to age and gender, then tagged with “Merry Christmas from the Conestoga West End”.
The children of the West End squealed, jumped up and down and gave out hugs as they picked their choice of toys from the bags.
Lee Horne said, “This made my Christmas. I cannot wait until next year to do it again. I know we all know the true meaning of Christmas, but until you do this and see the faces of these kids, you may not ever know how truly blessed you are.”

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