Pillowcases for Sandy Hook

Linda Peiffer of Port Clinton heads up the Northwest Ohio Chapter of ConKerr Cancer. The group makes pillowcases for children in the Oncology Department at Toledo’s Children's and Mercy Children’s Hospitals.

The Chapter responded to a plea from the national office of ConKerr Cancer to send pillowcases to Quilters Corner in New Milford, CT, for the children of Sandy Hook Elementary of Newtown. There were 60 pillowcases ready, so Linda boxed up the pillowcases and sent them off to the quilt shop for distribution to the children at Sandy Hook.


Packaged with each pillowcase is a note with the contact information for the contributers. Last week Peiffer received an email from one of the fathers of a Sandy Hook student: 

“My son, who is a student at Sandy Hook Elementary School, came home yesterday with one of your pillow cases.  As soon as he came in from school, he pulled out the pillow case, which was covered with small orange basketballs, ran to his room, brought down his pillow and promptly replaced the plain dull white one with him new snazzy case.   He loves it.

Thank you very much for the thoughts and efforts, we appreciate them more than you know.   The outpouring of support for our children has been amazing and heart warming.   

Again, thank you for all that you do for to bring a smile to the rest of the world.

Warmest Regards, A Happier Students Dad”

The simple comfort of a soft pillowcase sewn by loving hands made a difference to at least one child and his dad.

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