Catawba Island Brewing Company is set to open in May

Left to right: Mike Roder, Steve Busby, Cindy Gunderson and Shad Gunderson of Catawba Island Brewing Company Left to right: Mike Roder, Steve Busby, Cindy Gunderson and Shad Gunderson of Catawba Island Brewing Company

In May Catawba Island Brewing Company will be opening at 2330 East Harbor Road. Life-long Catawba residents Mike Roder, Steve Busby, Cindy and Shad Gunderson are the minds behind what will be the Port Clinton area’s only microbrewery and tasting room. The Brewmasters will be Shad Gunderson, who has been brewing for over 20 years, and Mike Roder, who has been brewing for six years. Shad and Cindy have traveled throughout the United States and Europe with an emphasis on visiting breweries in Germany, Ireland, Scotland and Belgium, sampling the finest brews and gathering experience.

Catawba Island Brewing Company will have “a nautical meets industrial look,” said Roder. Cindy Gunderson added that was "in keeping with the things that define this area--the softness of the peaches and the grapes and the hardness of the rock.” One of the seasonal brews will be Catawba Peach Pilsner. 

Test batches are being brewed now, including the peach pilsner and an as yet unnamed Scottish ale, so that they will be ready for production as soon as the construction and licensing are completed. It is anticipated that the microbrewery will open in early May and will stay open year round, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5 to 9 p.m., Fridays from 5 p.m. to midnight, Saturdays from noon to midnight, and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The tasting room will regularly feature four brews on tap: McFadden Red Ale, Back’er Forward Brown Ale, Couple Three Hops IPA and Pebble Beach Porter. The regular brews and other specialty brews will be available by the pint or in growlers (a jug for take-out draft beer that can hold carbonation for a week or more). Catawba Island Brewing Company will be the first in Ohio to use the high-end stainless steel Bräuler growlers.

A Founders Club will be established at the brewery, offering benefits including personal mugs and growlers and first access to new tastings.

Live music will be regularly featured at Catawba Island Brewing Company, acoustical entertainment that will maintain the living room-type atmosphere.

Complimentary snacks will be served, in classic tasting room tradition, and customers will also be able to bring their own food to the tasting room or the adjacent outdoor beer garden. The partners are also actively engaged in negations to bring a succession of food trucks from all around Ohio to provide a rotating variety of unique food items.  “We want to bring the diversity of the rest of the world here, “ said Roder, “so that our customers can experience many different foods without leaving town.”

“We want to keep the focus on making award-winning craft beers,” emphasized Shad Gunderson, and stay true to the mission of Catawba Island Brewing Company to honor and fulfill the science and the art of craft brewing. 

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Catawba Island Brewing Company Beers and Beverages

Flagship Beers

Back’er Forward Brown Ale

Back'er Forward Brown Ale is dark nutty brown ale with light chocolate notes covering the alcohol. She gets a smoky bitterness as she warms up in your mouth followed by caramel flavors that lead to a smooth creamy finish. Put'er in Reverse and Back'er Forward.

McFadden Red Ale

A dedication to a great friend who was taken far too soon. McFadden Red Ale is West Coast Red Ale that utilizes British Ale yeast to throw your palate for a loop. The malts and hops battle for your attention the second this beer hits your lips and it is up to you to decide who comes out on top.

Couple Three Hops IPA

Couple Three Hops IPA is a Hop forward IPA that will send your imagination floating on an inner tube in the middle of Lake Erie. At 6.4% ABV this is a beer that can be enjoyed all day. Utilizing a mixture of American and British malts and a couple three kinds of hops we have brought forward a bright piney/citrusy flavor that is unmatched on a nice sunny Catawba afternoon.

Is What It Is IPA

Someone who likes very malty beers faces a dilemma: either have a couple of great beers that will put you to sleep or have some alright beers that you can drink for a while without ever really satisfying your taste for the barley. Not any more, my friends. Your problems have been solved. Is What It Is IPA is a full-bodied, malt forward IPA without the ridiculous alcohol content you have come to live with. At 8.0% ABV you can enjoy a few with friends and stay awake to enjoy the company. The right mix of grains and extra-long boil hit your lips and hang on as the mixture of Noble Hops shine through in the back.

Lucky Stone Lager

You know that little thrill you get every time you find a lucky stone on the beach? You will get that same feeling when you find Lucky Stone Lager. This is the lager the Macro-Brewers wish they could make. With the mouth feel you have come to expect in a lager and the absence of corn and rice this is a full-bodied beer anyone could enjoy. The malts in this beer run the show while allowing a perfect hoppyness to show through. This may be the best thing you find all summer.

Pebble Beach Porter

This rich smokey porter is the dark beer fanatic’s dream, brewed with a big mixture of dark grains, coffee and anise. Atop of the slightly bitter malt flavor, coffee flavors are prevalent through the beginning of your sip while the peat smoke flavor slowly takes over. A perfect companion to any campfire.

Sea Glass Stout

A dark creamy stout that is as smooth as sea glass. Crafted to leave behind the unspoken rule that a stout should taste like a triple shot of espresso. This easy drinking creamy stout is great to warm you up after a long day of ice fishing or cool you down after a long day on the beach.

Sunset Singel

Sunset Singel is an easy drinking Belgian style beer with a slight banana flavor, great for enjoying the sunset in your favorite lakefront hangout. Similar to a Belgian Tripel commonly enjoyed by the Monks who originally coined the style, but as the name suggests, much lighter and tailored to an American palette.

Specialty Beers

Catawba Peach Pilz

(Fall Seasonal)
A spicy pilsner brewed with the unmistakable Catawba Peaches you grew up with.

Intentionally Sh*#$y Lager

“I.S.L., the hot dog of beers”
We took the advice of our friends at the macro breweries and mass-brewed a beer too large for our brewery, utilized cheap improper/ingredients (like corn and rice) and spent all of our money advertising our exceptionally sh*#$y beer. Any questions?

Hop’n Mango Habanero Hefweizen

(Summer Seasonal)
Coming in at 4.7% ABV, HmH2 is a light, refreshing wheat beer. But that is where the similarities to a Hefweizen end. At the beginning of your sipping experience, you will notice a slight tingling hotness that disappears as the mango and citrus flavors take over your palette .This comes from a mix of 4 different hops added to the beer at different times and contains no mango. Your first sip of many concludes with the wheat and banana flavors that remind you that you are in fact drinking a Hefweizen.

Non-Alcoholic beverages

  • Cruel Hoax Root Beer
  • Barbarous Prank Ginger Beer
  • Pointless Quaffing Cream Soda
  • Almost an Island Bloody Mary Mix
  • Schaweet and Sour Mix
  • Lake Erie Tonic Water



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