Friends of Port Clinton Cemeteries seeking contributions

The Friends of the Port Clinton Cemeteries are undertaking a major fundraising campaign to pave the cemetery roads. This project called the Cemetery Friends Paving Project (CFPP) is contracting with Erie Paving of Sandusky, Ohio. The estimate from the company has come in at $75,000 for the Riverview Cemetery portion of the project. Due to the cost of this project, the paving will be completed in increments over a period of time. The city of Port Clinton has given complete approval for this project, but has made it clear that there are no monies available from the municipality. However, the city will complete the necessary infrastructure and groundwork as a means to help keep down the cost. This project is needed to eliminate the muddy driveways that visitors encounter during funerals and when visiting their loved ones in the cemetery. Paving the driveways will increase the accessibility and aesthetics of the cemetery.

The Friends of the Cemetery is a non-profit organization started in 2008. A number of smaller projects in the Riverview and Lakeview Cemeteries have been completed since the organization's inception. Since this paving project is a much larger project, the Friends of the Cemetery are applying for grants as well as seeking donations of any size to put towards this work. Anyone wishing to contribute may do so by either contacting Dana Alvarez at 419-967-0495 or mailing a donation directly to Mary Mills at 912 Lee Avenue in Port Clinton.

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