2013 Senior Hall Of Fame Recipient

L to R. – Tip Niese, Sandra Konzan, Commissioner Steve Arndt, Joanne Price, Commissioner JoEllen Regal, Daryl Ann Gibson, Commissioners Jim Sass, Joseph “Bob” Klacik, Vicki Balduf. L to R. – Tip Niese, Sandra Konzan, Commissioner Steve Arndt, Joanne Price, Commissioner JoEllen Regal, Daryl Ann Gibson, Commissioners Jim Sass, Joseph “Bob” Klacik, Vicki Balduf.

Ottawa County Senior Resources inducted six new Senior Hall of Fame recipients at their 2013 Spring Senior Day, held at Camp Perry Clubhouse on Wednesday, May 8th. Each recipient received a plaque commemorating their service to the seniors and citizens of Ottawa County. The recipients of this year’s awards are: Joseph ‘Bob’ Klacik, nominated by the Danbury Senior Center; Joanne Price, nominated by the Elmore Golden Oldies Senior Center; Daryl Ann Gibson, nominated by the Genoa Senior Center; Vicki Balduf, nominated by the Oak Harbor ‘Harbor Lights’ Senior Center; Sandra Konzan, nominated by the Port Clinton Senior Center and Tip Niese, nominated by the Put-in-Bay Senior Center.

Joseph ‘Bob’ Klacik has been very active with the Danbury Senior Center Board. He has worked on behalf of the senior center to find families who could not buy food for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. He made sure that they not only received dinners for the holidays but he also organized a collection of gifts for the children and made sure everything was delivered on time. Mr. Klacik is quite active with his church, serving as usher, lector and is often found helping in the kitchen serving for luncheons and dinners. He follows through with any idea or suggestion that is given to him, is described as very caring and compassionate, positive and upbeat, a friend to everyone. Though he injured his shoulder, and though the injury can be limiting at times, he has not let this get him down. He is always willing to do whatever he can and is very calm and cool about getting things done. As a caregiver for his wife, Klacik showed his great compassion, providing all her care at home until her passing. Despite this loss, he never lost his desire to help and continues to be an inspiration to fellow seniors at the Danbury Senior Center. 

Joanne Price’s love for the greater Elmore community is often demonstrated when she hosts many groups at her coffee shop gathering, including a wide variety of senior activities, whether it be four ladies playing cards or large groups enjoying each other's company. If there's an Elmore event, Price is a part of it, giving her support, which includes not only her own business involvement but also includes her work with St John's Church, the Elmore Chamber of Commerce, and various other town community building efforts.  She is also an active member of the Kiwanis, providing a meeting space in her own establishment that often includes a home cooked meal. Her coffee shop operates at a marginal profit and at the same time offers a beloved spot to gather with friends.  She sets an atmosphere of fun and laughter as well as a place where folks share their concern for each other.  She is always the first businessperson to support a worthy cause. This past year, life changed for Ms. Price as her life companion became an amputee, with all the healing and relearning of mobility that accompanied his life adjustment.  She was, and continues to be, an exemplary caregiver and encouragement coach while keeping up with her involvement in the community. The Seniors of Elmore believe that her love and care for Elmore needs to be recognized.

Daryl Ann Gibson is always willing to do anything to help. She does most of the running for the Genoa Senior Center, including shopping, picking up things that are needed and making gift baskets for prizes for Senior Day and the Card Party. She is described as a very caring, compassionate person who is willing to help anyone. All you have to do is mention that something needs to be accomplished and there she is, ready and willing to complete the task. She is often found shopping for shut-ins, sometimes going from store to store looking for the best bargain price for that particular item. Gibson is an example to many of how to stay young at heart by immersing oneself in multiple community activities. For her, these include the Genoa Senior Center, Young at Heart dances, Genoa Care Center executive board, multiple local bake sales/ chili cook-offs, and area festivals. She is well-known for going above and beyond in taking on personal responsibilities to make sure the events are a success each and every time. As stated by her daughter “As anyone who has met my mother will tell you, the single greatest gift she has given is her time. She has demonstrated that time is the most precious thing one person can give to another-and nothing can replace the time. She is one of those rare people that truly puts other's needs above her own. Kindness is not just a word with my mom; it is a way of life.”

Sandra Konzen, this years’ Hall of Fame award recipient from Port Clinton is described as friendly and quite the local historian, keeping the Port Clinton Senior Center scrapbook up to date and in order. Her accomplishments on behalf of the Port Clinton Senior Center include her work with the Income Tax Prep for our seniors. She is always willing to help out her fellow senior with this important yearly event. She is a caring, friendly person who is always willing to help her fellow senior. She also has a strong love for cats which is shown in her desire to maintain a friendly loving residence for the homeless cats of her community

Vicki Balduf is best known for her work with fundraisers whether it be church, school or senior services. She is always willing to make it happen. She has very recently become more involved in the Oak Harbor Senior Center, often helping with the serving of the senior meal. She is found calling bingo or helping with dishes whenever she can. Her local contributions include her work at the United Methodist Church in Oak Harbor, her faithful volunteer work at the Oak Harbor Food Pantry and her willingness to help anyone in her community she feels needs her help and support. She seems to be the tireless engine as she juggles her work outside of the home, while still finding time to make sure her family is well taken care of. She is described as always willing to go the extra mile, and this community is so much better because of her efforts. 

Tip Niese hails from one of Ottawa County most famous tourist spots, Put-in-Bay. Mr. Niese has been a lifetime resident of the island. He is probably best known to the Senior Resources Community as the man who made senior lunches possible on the island. It is through his efforts that the seniors are able to enjoy a “lot of good food and healthy for the money.” He not only contributes to the nourishment of seniors but annually helps the American Legion with many of their activities and is responsible for donating a full course prime rib dinner, including all the extras, for 60 veterans and their spouses for Veteran’s Day. In addition, he provides a free Christmas Party for the entire community and a Halloween Party for all the children of the island. While he works most often behind the scenes, he quietly is the main drive behind most of the food-related events on the Island. While he has faced his share of challenges in life, including the loss of his wife, the raising of four children and various health issues, he has remained loyal to his commitment to community and to the island. His embrace of the community spirit is felt most by the locals who remain on the island year around. They can always count on Tipper’s remaining open through out the cold and blustery winters of Northern Ohio. His bar and restaurant have been a success for the past 30 years.

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