Perry’s Victory to host 1812 dress making workshop

Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial will host a two day “War of 1812 Dress Making Workshop” the weekend of June 15-16, and again June 29-30 in preparation for upcoming bicentennial events.  Workshop participants will have the chance to collaborate with historical fashion experts Cathy Taylor and Steve Pontious in order to create their 1812 garment. The workshop will be held at Put-in-Bay Town Hall 9 a.m.– 5 p.m. During the workshop Taylor and Pontious will step you through the process of creating a unique and personalized frock from start to finish with tips to achieve authenticity and information about the style of the time, most notable for the ubiquitously preferred empire waist line.

All you need to participate in the free workshop is a basic understanding of garment construction and the supplies for creating your dress. Necessary supplies include; pins, needles, pens/pencils, tissue paper (for tracing), 5 3/8” buttons (plain silver or bronze look), scissors, scotch tape, measuring tape, fabric and matching thread. The fabric should be a solid cotton, linen, muslin or cotton-linen blend. Those making size 8–14 dresses will require 3 ¼ yds of 45” wide fabric or 2 ½ yds of 60” wide fabric for short sleeves or 3 ¾ yds of  45” wide or 2 ⅜ yds of 60” wide fabric for long sleeves. Those making size 16–18 dresses will need 3 ⅜ yds of 45” wide fabric or 2 ¾ yds of 60” wide fabric for short sleeves or 4 yds of 45” wide fabric or 3 ¼ yds of 60” wide fabric for long sleeves. Bringing a sewing machine is strongly encouraged as it will allow for you to complete the major portion of the dress within the two days.  

Workshop seating is limited and registration is required. Secure your position by contacting

Trudy Roth at 419-285-2184 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For those wishing to dress the part at upcoming bicentennial events but who don’t want to make their own garments, experienced seamstresses will be available during the workshops to take custom dress orders. Preregistration is not required for seamstress consultations. For complete details on this workshop visit or call 419-285-2184.

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