Catawba Island Township trustees remind visitors of cemetery rules

Visitors to Catawba Island Cemetery are asked to adhere to cemetery rules concerning decorations. Cut flowers are permitted at any time. Artificial flowers are permitted at any time if attached to headstones in such a manner as to permit mowing and trimming. Potted plants, ceramics, and lights placed directly on the ground near a grave are not permitted. Other artificial decorations may be placed only one week before Easter, Memorial Day, and Fourth of July and must be removed one week after the holiday. Winter decorations will be allowed November 1 to the end of February. Decorations remaining after February will be removed. All grave decorations are placed at the owner’s risk.

The permanent planting of trees, shrubs, and flowers shall be permitted only with the permission of the Township Trustees. Decorations are not permitted in trees or shrubs. No fencing of any kind is allowed on graves.  

Cooperation in following the rules will help to ensure the continued maintenance and beauty of Catawba Island Cemetery. Items not permissible will be removed in the coming weeks.

Please remember no pets are allowed in the cemetery.

If you have questions regarding cemetery rules or the removal of decorations, potted plants, or plantings please call the township at 419-797-4131. Visit for additional township information.

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