Firecracker Cuties

Carissa Corona receiving Firecracker Cutie award

Jocelyn Rohde winning the Most Photogenic award

The Firecracker Cutie competition took place at Trinity United Methodist Church in Port Clinton on July 4 at 4 p.m. Age range categories for the competition were from 6 months to 9 years. Some contestants were shy, some were hamming it up for the crowd, but everyone in attendance had a great time.

After the introduction of all the contestants, there was an ice cream social held at the back of the church while the judges decided the winners. The winners in the 6-12 month categories were very tired from waiting, so most of them were asleep when awarded their prizes. The other contestants couldn’t contain their excitement while the awards were being presented. 

Carissa Corona won the overall Firecracker Cutie Award and Jocelyn Rohde, the Most Photogenic Award.

2013 Firecracker Cutie Contest Results

6-12 months

1: Kinslee Bowen
2: Amiyah Orosco
3: Camille Lawson

13-24 months

1: Ambrielle Harpel
2: Briar Mooney
3: Dakota Taylor

2-3 years

1: Chloie Sartin
2: Addisyn Mooney
3: Kerstin Thompson

4-5 years

1: Lilly Olszewski
2: Makaylah Fleming

6-7 years

1: Clarissa Corona
2: Jocelyn Rohde
3: Jimmy Wolford

8-9 years

1: Alexia Harnad

2013 Most Photogenic Contest Results

5 and under

1: Addisyn Mooney
2: Madilynn Wagner
3: Kinslee Bowen

12 and under

1: Jocelyn Rohde
2: Clarissa Corona

Firecracker Cutie

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