Lakeside Parade, the essence of Independence Day Featured

The Judson family awaits the parade. The Judsons of east Cleveland come to Lakeside every year for two weeks in July. 

The first wave of the pre-parade bicycle parade

The Lakeside Chautauqua Independence Day parade was a celebration of the holiday and summer on the North Coast. 

Which of the following were a part of the Lakeside parade?

•A. A brass band
•B. 500 kids on bikes
•C. Jugglers
•D. A tennis match
•E. A cartwheeler
•F. Unicyclists
•G. 500 beachballs
•H. Politicians
•I. Abraham Lincoln handing out bananas
•J. Protest signs
•K. Cordless drill team
•L. Summer Snow Removal Princess
•M.A car-cow
•N. Jimmie Hendrix’s version of the Star-Spangled Banner
•O. A prize-winning quilt
•P. A giant (20’ x 40’?) American flag 

Answer: All but A and H. 

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Lakeside Parade

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