Summer Lunch and Fun around Port Clinton

The United Way is sponsoring the Summer Lunch and Fun program Tuesdays and Thursdays through August 22. The program provides lunch for any child and is offered at Lakeview Estates, Ida Rupp Public Library and Bay Meadows. This is the third summer for the program, the first year that Kristen Gerwin of the United Way has been the coordinator.

Gerwin said that the program is “more than lunch, it’s an enrichment program. A healthy lunch is provided but after lunch the children have an educational presentation or craft.”

Some of the presentations have been about owls, about recycling and about encouraging children to eat healthy food. One of the crafts was making a clock, helpful in learning to tell time. The program also has a portable library. If a child writes a report about a book they read, they can earn play money  to buy things from the rolling store. Gerwin said, “It’s an incentive program to teach the children about want versus need, and teaching children to budget their money.”

Lakeview Estates has about 25 children that attend every week, Ida Rupp Public Library has around 20 and Bay Meadows has around 30 regular attendees. There are around 115 children in and out of the program.This is the first year the program has had three locations. “The program is a growing process,” said Gerwin.

Volunteers and donations are welcome for the program. Right now the program has a need for lunch packers .To donate, volunteer or for more information contact Kristen Gerwin of the United Way at 419-734-6645.

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