H. G. Moore Reunion

The 55th H.G. Moore Reunion was held on July 14 at the home of Sandy and John Young at 5171 N. Moore Road, Oak Harbor. Hosts for the day were the children of Walter and Mary (Moore) Henry.  

Those attending were: John & Sandy Young, Kevin, Steven and Josh; Dick and Mary Wood, Katie & Curtis Wood, Derek Wood, Brian & Elaine Wood, Adam, Leah and Alyson Wood; Walter and Mary Henry; Bill and Bobbi Henry, Bryan and Brianne Goetz, Jeremy, Crystal and Mallory Gleason, Peggy and Jim Dolinger; Ola Mae Moore, John and Connie Moore, Katy Moore and Kinsley Moore, Jordon Moore; Charles and Evalyn Moore, Mark and Rennie Moore, Zach and Brooke Moore, Matt Moore, Dan and Kelly Moore, Brandon Alex and Kyle Moore; Annette Holcomb, Mike and Carol Benner, Alison Benner, Ashley Benner, Jeff and Angela Finn, Sawyer Finn; Bonnie and Roger Daniels.

The 56th Reunion will be held on Sunday, July 13, 2014, and hosted by the Richard J. Moore Family. It will be held at the home of Carol and Mike Benner.

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