Johnson’s Island Wine Tasting

On Saturday, Aug. 31, Johnson’s Island is hosting their annual Wine-Tasting event at the Johnson’s Island Clubhouse in Marblehead. The Wine Tasting, from 7-9 p.m., is open to the public.

The $30 tickets are limited in number due to the clubhouse size, so advance reservations are recommended. The ticket price includes a beautiful wine glass, samples of wines and beers from around the world, many great appetizers and music. Proceeds go for Johnson’s Island Clubhouse improvements.

For reservations and information, contact Jerry at 419-702-7011.

To get to the Johnson's Island clubhouse, follow Bayshore Road to Gaydos drive. Turn south onto Gaydos and to the tollgate and causeway to the island. Once on the island, proceed straight after stopping at the four-way intersection. The clubhouse is a short distance on the left (east) side, just before the Confederate Cemetery. There is a $2.00 toll (payable by either dollars or quarters) to get onto the island.

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