Tiffany Malcom author of “50 Dates in 50 States” book signing tonight at 5 at Ida Rupp

How many times have you dreamed of running away from home? After years of imagining how freeing the open road would feel, Tiffany Malcom decided it was time to take off on the adventure she’d been longing for. With $5000 and a car named Cherry Cherry, she set off to see America . . . and go on a date in every state along the way.

Malcom and her Ohio date spent an evening at Cedar Point Amusement Park back in August of 2010. She will be back in Port Clinton next week signing hot-off-the-press copies of her new book 50 Dates in 50 States. Readers get to ride shotgun as she meets doctors, mechanics, teachers, and men from every walk of life for fifty blind dates. Did she prefer skydiving with Mr. Vermont or kayaking around icebergs with Mr. Alaska? Dirt biking with Mr. Utah or riding roller coasters with Mr. Ohio? Of course, not every fish in the sea is a catch, but only one date smelled like lobster bait.

“It was the adventure of a lifetime!” Malcom says. “I knew I’d have a great time seeing the country, and I was hopeful that I might find a great guy, too. The people of Ohio were so kind to me that I couldn’t wait to come back and share the finished product. I’m now married to one of those fifty dates, so that gives you a sneak-peek to the happy ending.”

Come out to the Port Clinton Library on Wednesday, July 31, at 5PM to hear Malcom speak on how she found love on the open road. Book signing will follow until 7pm.

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