Calendar Girls & Guys “Smiles” Calendar For Dental Health Care

Chuck Riechman

Serving Our Seniors, the social service agency that advocates for the ability of Erie County Senior Citizens, age 60+,  to maintain their independence is printing its second annual “Calendar Girls (& Guys) SMILES Calendar”.  

The calendar is a fun and sassy calendar that will make you smile (or laugh) so others can smile, too.  It features area residents from Ottawa, Erie & Huron County, ages 60 to 95, in poses that spark the imagination.

This tastefully photographed calendar has a purpose – to help Serving Our Seniors raise money to treat senior citizens who have poor dental health and lack the means to afford the care.  There are currently 80 senior citizens known to Serving Our Seniors  who need, but can’t afford, oral health care.

This year, the calendar includes senior men.   “The Traveling Lounge Lizards” from Ottawa & Erie County, will appear in the calendar strategically placed behind the classic the Rock n Roll Band’s instruments.  Pictured above is Lizard Chuck Riechman, age 68.

Calendars are scheduled to be available by Oct. 1, and can be purchased at The Beacon for $10 each or by calling Serving Our Seniors at 800-564-1856 or 419-624-1856.  100% of the profits of the calendar sales will be used directly for dental care of Erie County senior citizens.

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